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Top 9 Best Strains to Grow in High Heat: 2022 Comparison

Growing cannabis in hot weather – whether indoors in closed air or outside in the sun – can be a challenge. The solution is, of course, to choose heat resistant cannabis strains. These strains are bred or adapted to higher heat conditions. However, the best heat resistant cannabis strains will depend on what kind of … Read more

Top 7 Best Strains to Grow in Hawaii: 2022 Comparison

Growing cannabis in Hawaii is an easy way to get high quality bud without the expense of buying it locally. Hawaii’s local climate is warm, incredibly sunny, and suitable for growing cannabis year-round. However, growing marijuana in Hawaii has its challenges as well. The two largest of those are rain and high levels of light. … Read more

Top 17 Best Couch Lock Strains of Cannabis: 2022 Comparison

If you want a relaxing, blissful high, there’s nothing better than a good couch lock high. That intense feeling of euphoria and contentment that leave you wanting nothing more than to stay right where you are. However, the best couch lock strains are almost entirely Indica-dominant. Indica strains deliver the floating, euphoric highs associated with … Read more

Top 16 Best-Yielding Dwarf Strains of Weed: 2022 Comparison

Growing cannabis is the best way to produce high quantities of premium-quantity weed. But, it’s not always as easy as “growing a plant”. Cannabis growers across the U.S. have issues with space. Sometimes that’s simple room to grow. If you don’t have much other than a cabinet, you need short, compact plants and dwarf strain … Read more

Top 10 Best Michigan Outdoor Strains: 2022 Comparison

Growing marijuana in Michigan is legal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Michigan presents numerous challenges to growers. For example, while the Great Lake State gets 170 days of sun per year, it also gets 130 days of rain. It’s also humid. That means mold and mildew will be constant concerns for every strain – … Read more

Top 10 Best Banana Flavored Strains of Weed: 2022 Comparison

Banana flavored cannabis is one of the most popular flavors for weed. It’s also incredibly common. In fact, some heavy smokers ask “Why do bananas taste like weed”.  But, while many strains of weed have some isoamyl acetate, the terpene that causes the “banana” flavor, some have more than others. In fact, the best banana … Read more

Top 4 Seed Banks that Accept Mastercard: 2022 Comparison

Mastercard is one of the most common credit card schemes on the market. That makes it a convenient and easy way to pay for most of us. Plus, unlike Visa, Mastercard doesn’t discriminate against the cannabis industry. That means buying cannabis seeds with Mastercard is normally easy. In fact, all you have to do is … Read more

Top 7 Best Strains to Grow in New York: 2022 Comparison

New York’s cannabis-friendly attitude makes it easier than ever to grow weed in the state. But, especially if you want to grow outdoors, choosing the right strain is important. New York’s less-than-sunny climate can seem daunting. However, with an average growing season of 181 days and a hot, humid summer, New York is pretty great … Read more

Top 9 Best Strains to Grow in Massachusetts: 2022 Comparison

Massachusetts is well-known for turbulent weather and humid, rainy summers. But, it can still be a great place to grow cannabis outdoors. In fact, if you’re growing cannabis in Massachusetts, outdoors is likely the best place to go. Outdoor grows get bigger buds and have a bigger harvest. What more could you want? Of course, … Read more