About us

GrowReporter is an independent and unbiased cannabis cultivation resource with a focus on primarily the US. You can read about different seed strains, growing conditions and seed banks, compare prices and understand what’s best suited for your needs.

The mission of GrowReporter is to:

  • Equip readers with valuable information and insight on the marijuana growing industry in a factual yet entertaining manner.
  • Report on the latest seed pricing, new strains and growing techniques so you can take advantage of these.
  • Provide pragmatic tips on how to best optimize your growing and yields.
  • Prepare growers, whether you’re a beginner or expert on the latest changes in the market.

We cover the US market predominantly, but will also speak of services used in other countries such as Canada which has made the use of recreational weed legal since 2018. Many US states are becoming increasingly warming to the idea of legalizing cultivation, possession and acquisition of cannabis. In turn, our aim is to be the ultimate resource on how to go about learning about the industry.

Our website is strictly for persons over the age of 21. If you have any questions, you may reach out via our contact form.