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Top 22 Best Early Finishing Outdoor Strains: 2022 Comparison

Whether you’re starting late, want to fit more than one harvest into your growing season, or just have little patience to wait on your cannabis plants to mature, early finishing outdoor strains have your back. These early finishing outdoor strains normally include cannabis ruderalis and Indica genetics, allowing them to mature faster. The cannabis ruderalis also impacts flowering, with many of the early cannabis strains autoflowering. That is, as opposed to waiting for light deprivation to mature.  

Of course, while selecting the right strain is important for an early finish outdoors, other factors are also important. For example, nutrition, weather, light levels, humidity, etc., will all play a part. Plants in warm locations with plenty of sun, good feeding, and high humidity will almost always grow faster. So, getting a good early finish is a combination of choosing the right strain plus good care and hopefully an ideal climate.  

The table below gives a quick comparison of the top 22 best early finishing outdoor strains to grow:

Strain   Flowering Time (Weeks)   Estimated Outdoor Yield (grams per meter) 
Amnesia Fast  7-8   550-600g  
C99+Blueberry  6-7  350-400g 
Blueberry Muffin  6-7  400-500g  
Magic Melon  7-8  550-600g 
Early Skunk  7  450-500g 
Gorilla Girl F1 Fast  7  400-550g 
Cookie’s ‘n’ Cream Auto  6  400-500g 
Northern Lights Auto  5-7  120-250g 
Super Kush  7  600g 
Early Miss  7  200-400g 
Quick Mass  6-7  450-500g  
Think Fast  7  500-700g 
White Dwarf  7  40-100g 
Speed+  4-5  300-500g 
Speed Bud  7  25-250g 
Big Nugs FAST  7  450-550g 
Passion #1  6  350-1500g 
Early Maroc  7-8  250-350g  
AK-47  7-9  250-650g  
LSD  7-9  500g 
Durban Poison  8  500-700g  
Orange Bud  8  400g  

*These estimates are for post-vegetive states in weeks. However, these estimates are based on optimal conditions. Grow-time can change based on factors like:  

  • Plant genetics (e.g., Indica will almost always finish faster than Sativa)  
  • Germination method 
  • Individual plant strength  
  • Light availability and type  
  • Climate and microclimate (temperature, humidity, etc.)  
  • Feeding (Ph levels, nutrition) 

Below we have outlined each early finishing outdoor strain in more detail. Note that strains are not ranked in any particular order. 

1. Amnesia Fast  

Amnesia Fast blends the classic Amnesia with a hybrid of unknown origin. The result, an early flowering cannabis strain with the punch of Amnesia.  

Growers love Amnesia Fast for its big, sticky buds and high THC content. It’s also a relatively compact plant when grown in buckets. However, for maximum yield, plant this beauty in the ground, for a harvest in early September.  

Importantly, Amnesia Fast isn’t an autoflower. It needs dwindling light to reach maturity. That aside, if you artificially restrict light, or plant it at the right time, this lady will finish just 50-55 days after flowering.  

  • Flowering Time: 50-55 days 
  • Hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)  
  • CBD Levels Less than 1% (Low)  
  • THC Levels 20-23% (High)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant Size: Small to Medium  
  • Genetics: Soma’s Amnesia X secret hybrid  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 550-600g per square meter  
  • Medium resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Creativity, uplifting, Body high  
  • Smell & Taste: Fruit, flowery, skunk 2

2. C99+Blueberry  

C99+Blueberry is a three-way hybrid delivering incredibly quick flowering. This early flowering cannabis also brings the full flavor profile of Blueberry, making it as popular for flavor as it is for quick harvest.  

While this beauty flowers in just 45 daysit’s not an autoflower. You’ll have to restrict light or plant for an early September harvest outdoors. Otherwise, this is an ideal outdoor strain, though it needs a lot of space. Plant C99+ Blueberry directly in the ground for the best harvestShe also has small top leaves, so you’ll have to do less trimming for optimum results. Plus, with the big, sticky, resinous buds of a purple strain and the high white trichome count of C99, this strain is sure to impress, even without the early flowering.  

  • Flowering Time: 45 days 
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels Less than 1% (low)  
  • THC Levels 16-22% (estimated) (Medium-to-high)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Cinderella 99, Blueberry, Fast hybrid  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 350-400g per square meter 
  • Medium resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Creativity, body high, calming  

Smell & Taste: Berry, cheese, pine, fruit  

3. Blueberry Muffin

The Blueberry Muffin makes the second fast-flowering purple strain on this list, but it’s well worth your attention. Blueberry Muffin is famous for flavor, versatility, and resin packed purple buds.  

Additionally, it flowers in just 45 days. That’s impressive for an incredibly resilient strain. This makes Blueberry muffin a top choice for planting in northern climates because it will do well. However, you’ll have to wait till early September to harvest because this is not an autoflower.  

What do you get in 45 days? Big, beautiful purple buds, incredibly resinous trichomes, and an wonderful flavor profile. Plus, with uniform growth and evenly sized buds, these plants are incredibly easy to grow.  

  • Flowering Time: 45 Days 
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1%  
  • THC Levels: 16-18% (estimated) (Medium)  
  • Easy to grow 
  • Plant Size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Purple Panty Dropper, Razzle Berry  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 400-500g per square meter  
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Energetic, Uplifting, Creativity  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, Cake, Spice, Herbal  

4. Magic Melon  

Magic Melon crosses two of the fruitiest Indica’s out there to produce an incredibly melon flavor. If that weren’t’ enough, THC ranges up and over 22%, making this one of the most potent fast flowering strains.  

Magic Melon flowers in just 50 days. Plus, with plenty of cold tolerance, she can tolerate northern latitudes. However, Magic Melon doesn’t autoflower. Additionally, you’ll have to wait till end September/ early October to harvest without light deprivation.  

Otherwise, Magic Melon delivers massive sticky buds. You may have to prune quite a bit to ensure optimal growth. However, you’ll see plenty of payoff, even in colder climates.  

  • Flowering Time: 50 days 
  • Hybrid (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels 1-2% (Medium)  
  • THC Levels 22% (Medium-to-High) 
  • Medium difficulty to grow  
  • Plant Size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Mango Sherbert, Honeydew Melon  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 550-600g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Sedation, Intense, Sleep, Creativity  
  • Smell & Taste: Ripe melon, citrus 

5. Early Skunk

Early Skunk is one of the best early flower options for Skunk fans. This hybrid delivers a full skunk profile with just 50 days of flowering time.  

While Early Skunk is very easy to grow, you’ll want to artificially restrict light for maximum bud. Alternatively, if you’re in a northern climate and harvest will be mid-September, you can skip this. Early Skunk delivers small flowers with white tips and an incredible flavor.  

Outdoors, it’s also important to keep in mind this is a Skunk strain. It might taste great, but it also smells (greatly). Other than that, this is a superb beginner-friendly strain that will excel in most environments.  

  • Flowering Time: 50 days 
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels less than 1% (Low)  
  • THC Levels: Medium  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Early Pearl, Skunk  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 450-500 g per square meter 
  • High resistance to weather and disease  
  • Typical Effects: Focus, relaxation, happy, euphoria, creativity  
  • Taste & Smell: Skunk, floral, earth, wood,  

6. Gorilla Girl F1 Fast  

Gorilla Girl F1 Fast blends some of the most popular flavor profiles in the cannabis world together to create a stunning fast-flowering strain.  

Gorilla Girl F1 stands out with incredibly sticky, resinous buds. Additionally, if you give her enough light, those buds will be massive. That, plus sweet and fruity flavors make Gorilla Girl F1 incredibly popular for outdoor growth.  

For best results, trim this back. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you restrict light if you’re growing in warmer climates. West Coast residents may also have to stake and support her as buds will grow larger. In Northern climates, just make sure you trim the top leaves and otherwise you should be fine for an Early September harvest.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days  
  • Hybrid (40% Indica/60% Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels less than 1% (low)  
  • THC Levels: 18-25% (High)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant Size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Gorilla Girl, Sweet Gelato Auto  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 400-550g per square meter 
  • Medium resistance to weather and disease  
  • Typical Effects: Stimulating, Cerebral, Euphoria,  
  • Taste & Smell: Fruit, Cypress, Citrus, Earth, Sweet 

7. Cookie’s ‘n’ Cream Auto  

If you’re looking for a tiny, fast flowering autoflower with rich caramel notes and a high output, the Cookie’s n Cream Auto is for you. This fan favorite is a new hybrid, but a definite must-try.  

In fact, Cookies n Cream Auto grows from germination to chop in just 8-10 weeks under good conditions. That, plus incredibly rich, big buds are hard to beat. And, with a maximum height of under 3 feet, it’s ideal for outdoors on the literal down low.  

Plus, as an autoflowering strain, Cookies n Cream will produce multiple times in one year. No need to wait for autumn, just plant after the final frost and let her grow.  

  • Flowering Time: 36-42 days  
  • Hybrid: Indica, Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis  
  • CBD Levels 1-2% (Medium)  
  • THC Levels 17% (Medium)  
  • Easy to Grow 
  • Plant Size: Small  
  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies, Caramel Cream Auto  
  • Estimated outdoor Yield: 400-500g per square meter 
  • Medium Resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Uplifting, Strong, Calming, Stress Reduction 
  • Taste & Smell: Caramel, sugar, Kush  

8. Northern Lights Auto  

With a lineage consisting of 25% ruderalis, Northern Lights Auto blazes through growth to make what is possibly the earliest finishing outdoor strain. Although, Speed+ sometimes tops it.  

Northern Lights Auto brings the classic heavy feel and big buds of one of the world’s most popular strains to an autoflower. However, the fast growth means lower harvest, so you’ll want to plant more for the same results. THC can also be somewhat lower, although the heavy relaxing feel of smoking is the same.  

Additionally, this fast-growing strain stays short. Most won’t top 3 feet. This is ideal for growing in buckets, with some cover. That’s important because this might be necessary if you live in a wet area.  

  • Flowering Time: 38-42 days 
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis)  
  • CBD Levels up to 1% (Low) 
  • THC Levels 15% (Low)  Medium difficulty to grow  
  • Plant Size: Small  
  • Genetics: Northern Lights, Cannabis Ruderalis  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 120-250g per square meter 
  • Low resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather 
  • Typical Effects: Strong, body high, calming, body buzz 
  • Taste & Smell: Pepper, Spice, Fruit, pungent  

9. Super Kush  

Super Kush is a 100% Indica early flowering strain. It also produces up to 25% THC, making it one of the strongest on this list.  

Super Kush is a fast-growing Indica with short internodes. Grown outdoors, you’ll have to trim top leaves to ensure she gets enough light for big buds. If you do, she’ll reward you with extremely resinous green buds. However, you do have to keep them dry as this strain is prone to molding.  

While Super Kush has a flowering period of just 49 days, you’ll have to plant later in the year or restrict light during maturation. This is not an autoflowering strain.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days  
  • Indica  
  • CBD Levels up to 1% (Low)  
  • THC Levels 25% (high)  
  • Medium difficulty to grow 
  • Plant size: medium  
  • Genetics: Indica 
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 600g per square meter 
  • Low resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Body buzz, relaxation, stress reduction,   
  • Taste & Smell: earthy, floral, pine,  

10. Early Miss  

Early Miss blends White Widow and Big Bud for an incredibly smooth high, with fast flowering. The indica-dominant strain also features Ruderalis, leading to faster flowering and more temperature tolerance.  

While Early Miss does well outdoors, many users prefer to grow it indoors for bigger yields. However, this is a top choice for growing in humid climates, thanks to excellent mold resistance. You’ll also get light green, extremely sticky and resinous buds, ideal for smoking or extraction.  

What else? This fast grower flowers in just 49 days, for easy maturity in early September. If you want to grow two crops a year, restrict the light or grow in buckets and move them indoors.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days  
  • Hybrid (60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis)  
  • CBD Levels: Up to 2% (Low to Medium)  
  • THC Levels 20% (Medium)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant Size: Medium  
  • Genetics: White Widow, Big Bud  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 200-400g per square meter  
  • High resistance to Disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, pain relief, euphoria  
  • Taste & Smell: Pepper, herbal, Eucalyptus  

11. Quick Mass   

Quick Mass blends two of the world’s most popular strains to create a heavy-hitting, fast-flowering weed. With fast flowering, high harvests, and high resin from both parents, this is a favorite photoperiod strain.  

Quick Mass also offers a combination of easy growing and sparse branches. This means you’ll need little pruning to keep it healthy. Like the White Widow, you’ll want to take off some top leaves. However, it does equally well in a bucket or in the ground, so it’s easy to take indoors to force flowering. And, that flowering happens in just 42-49 days, for an incredibly quick harvest.  

For indoor growers, this is a popular pant for Sea of Green technique. Outdoors, you’ll want to ensure plants have more space.  

  • Flowering Time: 42-49 days 
  • Hybrid (65% Indica/ 35% Sativa)  
  • CBD Levels Up to 1% (Low)  
  • THC Levels: 16-20% (Medium to High)  
  • Easy to grow 
  • Plant size: Medium  
  • Genetics: White Widow, Critical Mass  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 450-500g per square meter 
  • Medium resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Alertness, Creativity, Relaxation  
  • Taste & Smell: Fruity, Fresh, Intense  

12. Think Fast  

Think Fast is one of the few Sativa-dominant fast-flowering options. This strain mixes Think Different and Power Plant, making it a true-to Dutch Passion style hybrid.  

Additionally, this sativa-dominant strain flowers in just 8 weeks. Its Sativa heritage makes it a fast, vigorous growerFor best results, plant this strain in the sun and harvest in early September. You can also restrict light if you’d prefer to plant early in the year.  

Overall, Think Fast is an incredibly durable plant with surprisingly large yields and a high THC content. That makes it extremely popular. However, be careful where you plant it if discretion is necessary.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days 
  • Hybrid: Indica/Sativa 
  • CBD Levels less than 1% (Low)  
  • THC 16-18% (Medium) 
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: Think Different, Power Plant, AK-47  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 500-700g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Uplifting, Sedating, cerebral, focus  
  • Taste & Smell: Pine, pungent, earth, spice 

13. White Dwarf  

If you’re looking for a small, fast-flowering Indica, this ruderalis X Indica is perfect. White Dwarf is one of the fastest early flowering plants, with a germinate to chop time of just 2 months in ideal conditions.  

That, plus a surprising durability and weather tolerance make White Dwarf a perfect choice for beginners. Of course, you’ll have some tradeoffs with lower yield, but planting more will keep you covered. That aside, this autoflower makes an easy plant to try and grow quickly and is perfect for low-volume users.  

Additionally, White Dwarf is tiny. You won’t see it top 3 feet. More likely, you’ll get a 2-foot plant with tiny, green buds with dense white trichomes that dry well and smoke better.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days  
  • Hybrid: (Indica/Ruderalis) 
  • CBD Levels: 1-2% (Medium) 
  • THC Levels: 15% (Low)  
  • Easy to Grow 
  • Plant Size: Small 
  • Genetics😕  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 40-100g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Sedative, calming, couch lock 
  • Taste & Smell: Pine, Citrus, Earth  

14. Speed+ Auto  

As maybe the fastest flowering cannabis strain available, Speed+ is an eyecatcher in more ways than one. This blend of two fast flowering hybrids delivers with full body, durability, and exceptionally fast growth.  

In fact, Speed+ can move from germination to harvest in 2 months. However, you’ll trade off yield, with slightly less per plant than many alternatives. On the other hand, Speed + Auto delivers a balanced bud that’s relaxing and mood boosting.  

For best results, consider planting this in the sun and prune the top leaves. However, you’ll get good growth even in wet and cold climates, so this is a top choice for nearly every climate.  

  • Flowering Time: 35 days  
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa) 
  • CBD less than 1% (low)  
  • THC 15% (estimate) (Low)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Plant Size: Small  
  • Genetics: Critical Mass, Speed Demon  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 300-500g per square meter  
  • High resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Body buzz, cerebral, alert,  
  • Taste & Smell: Sweet, Fruit, Cheese, Yeast  

15. Speed Bud  

Speed Bud delivers light green resin-coated buds in a tiny, autoflowering package. This Indica-Sativa-Ruderalis hybrid is fast, discrete, and surprisingly easy to grow and smoke.  

While Speed Bud offers a lower yield of just 25-100 grams a plant, you’ll be able to harvest in 2-3 months from seed. It’s also easy to grow, with high temperature tolerance. Just make sure you harvest before temps drop below 50 F. That aside, this tiny (from just over 1 foot) plant is low odor, compact, and resistant to mold and disease. It’s an ideal beginner strain even in difficult climates. 

Additionally, Speed Bud delivers a high amount of resin, strong THC, and flavors growers rave about. That makes this an easy choice if speed and ease of care take priority over harvest size.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days 
  • Hybrid: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis  
  • CBD Less than 1% (Low)  
  • THC Medium  
  • Easy to Grow 
  • Plant Size: Small 
  • Genetics: Indica/Sativa 
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 25-250g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Energizing, Creative, Relaxing  
  • Taste & Smell: Diesel, pine,  

16. Big Nugs FAST  

Big Nugs Fast crosses one of the most popular commercial strains with Fast to produce a fast-growing strain. As the name suggests, it still puts off big buds, with remarkably large colas for the 6-7 weeks of flowering.  

Additionally, Big Nugs is temperature tolerant. This allows you to plant it in time to harvest in early September instead of using light restriction. At the same time, Big Nugs FAST might not be the best choice for beginners. You’ll have to stake and support it to stop the branches from snapping.  

Otherwise, this is easy, simple, and will swell to a beautiful size in just a few months.  

  • Flowering Time: 49 days 
  • Hybrid: Indica/Sativa 
  • CBD: Unknown (Likely Low) 
  • THC: 15% (Medium)  
  • Medium difficulty to grow 
  • Plant Size: Medium  
  • Genetics: Afghani, Skunk, Critical Mass, Big Bud, Fast 
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 450-550 grams per square meter  
  • High resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Calming, Relaxation, Sleepiness, Couch Lock  
  • Taste & Smell: Skunk, Earthy, Fruit  

17. Passion #1  

Passion #1 is a proven favorite early flowering strain, despite its secret heritage. The strain grows tall, produces massive buds, and is a top choice for (non-discrete) outdoor growth.  

While Passion #1 has been around since the 1980s, this Dutch Passion favorite’s heritage still isn’t’ known. Yet, it’s incredibly popular for rich candy tones, beautiful big green buds, and rich orange trichomes. That, plus just 42 days of flowering time make this a proven favorite.  

Plus, if you’re looking for an outdoor grower, this prize winner will excel in almost any environment. Just remember to prune as this beauty has been known to exceed 11 feet. For the best yield, germinate her indoors and move outside at 4-6 weeks.  

  • Flowering Time: 42 days 
  • Hybrid: Indica 
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)  
  • THC 20% (Medium) 
  • Easy to grow 
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: Unknown  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 350-15000 grams per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Uplifting, energetic, body buzz  
  • Taste & Smell: Candy, fruit, lemon, herbs,  

18. Early Maroc  

Early Maroc is a pure Sativa landrace, and one of the fastest growing Sativa strains. That aside, it’s somewhat precocious and will have to be handled with care for the best results.  

For example, this early flowering strain flowers in just under 2 months. However, with an early spring planting, you can expect to harvest in August. This strain is also ideal for growing in pots on balconies, with 10–15-gallon buckets recommended for optimum growth.  

What else? This landrace delivers buds all the way down the stem. Be prepared to trim the top leaves so the inner buds get big and dense.  

  • Flowering Time: 56 days 
  • Sativa 
  • CBD: Unkown  
  • THC: Medium  
  • Medium difficulty to grow 
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: Marocco landrace 
  • Estimated outdoor Yield: 250-350g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather 
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, relaxation  
  • Taste & Smell: Strawberry, Sweet, Spice, Old Wood  

19. AK-47 Autoflower  

AK-47 Autoflower is a tried-and-true classic, named for the fact that smokers in Amsterdam used to fall off chairs laughing. The strain is easy, delivers big buds, and was one of the first strains to top 20% THC.  

While 20% is high, AK-47 is better known for its happy, mood-boosting effects than couchlock. That makes it a favorite, even among veteran growers. That, plus rich orange buds with thick resinous trichomes make this a winner. Flowering, however, can vary. Give her plenty of sun and good weather and you’ll finish in 49 days. Otherwise, that can extend to 60.  

The same also holds true for harvest. Better weather means a larger harvest. So, we’d recommend you choose this for warm climates. If you have sun, Ak-47 will reward you with a bountiful harvest of compact, resinous buds in early September.  

  • Flowering Time: 49-60 days 
  • Hybrid (50% Sativa, 50% Indica)  
  • CBD under 1% (Low) 
  • THC 20% (medium)  
  • Medium difficulty to grow 
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: Unknown  
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 250-650g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical Effects: Happy, Euphoria, Creativity,  
  • Taste & Smell: Skunk, Citrus, Pine, Sandalwood  

20. LSD 

LSD was developed by the same grower responsible for Purple Haze. This fast-growing hybrid delivers on that reputation with THC up to 24%.  

While LSD is certainly fast flowering, it’s one of the slowest on this list at 8 weeksBut don’t let that scare you. If you start early and keep her in the sun, this hybrid will reward you with dense, trichome coated buds in early September. LSD is also incredibly popular for smooth, psychedelic highs which might be more important to you than getting the fastest growth.  

  • Flowering Time: 56-63 days 
  • Hybrid (55% Sativa/45% Indica)  
  • CBD Under 1% (Low)  
  • THC 24% (High) 
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: Unknown 
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 500g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease and weather  
  • Typical Effects: Cerebral, Psychedelic, Relaxing, Body High  
  • Taste & Smell: Sweet, Citrus, Earthy  

21. Durban Poison  

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa landrace that has remained incredibly popular for half a century. But, with incredibly large, resinous bud, it’s easy to see why.  

Unfortunately, growers in northern climates might want to skip this one. On the other hand, if you have at least 8 weeks of strong, sunny weather, this landrace will deliver bud and beautiful flavors. Durban Poison reaches up to 8 feet with a high yield, very dense buds, and a beautiful, orange color. You will want to feed and stake this one to ensure stems don’t snap.  

Otherwise, Durban Poison is perfect for high THC, high resin for extracts, and for fast growth.  

  • Flowering Time: 56 days 
  • Sativa  
  • CBD: Under 1% (Low) 
  • THC: 20% (Medium) 
  • Plant Size: Large 
  • Genetics: African Landrace 
  • Estimated outdoor Yield: 500-700g per square meters 
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation, Uplifting 
  • Taste & Smell: Cheese, Citrus, Earth, Fruit, Skunk, Sweet

22.Orange Bud  

Orange Bud is a unique Skunk cross with a mystery heritage. That aside it’s incredibly popular, with multiple awards to its name.  

Again, you’ll likely want to skip this one unless you live in a warm climate. Orange Bud won’t be ready till late September or early October. Otherwise, this plant delivers high yields of dense, orange trichome coated buds. As you might have guessed, that’s where it got its name. Although the light, almost lime green leaves and buds certainly add to the effect.  

Orange Bud is also easy to grow. However, you’ll likely want to feed it. In most cases, you’ll also have to prune the top leaves for better light diffusion.  

  • Flowering: 56 days 
  • Hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)  
  • CBD: Under 1% (Low) 
  • THC 18% (medium) 
  • Plant Size: Medium 
  • Genetics: Skunk  
  • Estimated outdoor Yield: 400g per square meter 
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical Effects: Uplifting, Relaxing, Euphoria, Sensuality 
  • Taste & Smell: Citrus, Skunk, Earth  

What Makes a Strain Finish Earlier Outdoors?  

Harvesting cannabis early means choosing fast flowering strains, choosing autoflowering strains, and managing conditions. The better the plant’s access to light, nutrition, and protection from weather, the faster it will bloom. Additionally, you should either choose an autoflower or choose covers to restrict light when you want the plant to mature.  

This list of cannabis strains that finish early are all good choices. However, you also want to ensure that you’re providing good nutrition so they can grow to maximum potential in even a short time. Luckily, that’s relatively easy, even for first time growers. Just buy a feed from your seed supplier and follow the instructions on the packaging.  

How Long Does Pre-Flowering Last Outdoors? 

Pre-flowering, or the stage in which immature flowers appear on the plant, normally lasts 1-3 weeks outdoors. Most of these early finish plants will pre-flower in just 1 week. Normally, this stage is important for determining female from male plants. However, if you want a fast finish, we recommend choosing feminized seeds, so you know all your plants are female.  

Pre-flowering also depends on nutrition, light, and temperatures. Make sure everything is optimal to move your plant from pre-flower to flower as fast as possible.  

Early Finishing Outdoor Strains Summary  

No matter why you want early finishing outdoor marijuana strains, these options are all great choices. Many deliver completely different profiles, flavors, and effects. Almost all of them offer a complete lifecycle of 4 months or less. That makes it easy to fit the slowest of these into a short summer. And, with the fastest going from seed to chop in just 2, you’ll have plenty of options even if you plan to germinate very late.  

Good luck speeding up your outdoor marijuana grow!

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