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Top 7 Best Strains to Grow in Hawaii: 2022 Comparison

Growing cannabis in Hawaii is an easy way to get high quality bud without the expense of buying it locally. Hawaii’s local climate is warm, incredibly sunny, and suitable for growing cannabis year-round. However, growing marijuana in Hawaii has its challenges as well. The two largest of those are rain and high levels of light. For example, most photoperiod strains don’t start flowering until they get at least 12 hours of total darkness a day. Yet, in the darkest month, Hawaii still sees an average of 11 hours of daylight.

That means, for most of Hawaii, you’ll need artificial light restriction to push plants into the flowering stage. In addition, some strains are simply not suited to Hawaii’s hot and humid climate. However, if you pick the best strains to grow in Hawaii, you’ll easily grow some of the biggest bud you’ve ever seen.

The table below shows a quick comparison of all the best strains to grow in Hawaii that we researched:

StrainsFlowering Time (weeks)Yield (per plant)Indica/Sativa
Arjan Haze #110-13700-1300g30% Indica/70% Sativa
Hawaii Maui Waui9-11400g100% Sativa
Afghani #18-10450-700g100% Indica
Sensi Star6-8400-600g90% Indica/10% Sativa
Blue Dream6-7700-850g70% Indica/30% Sativa
Hawaiian Snow14-15600-1200g100% Sativa
AK-476-7450g65% Indica/35% Sativa

Of course, Hawaii still has its own microclimates. In addition, you’ll see different results depending on whether you’re growing indoors, out, or in a greenhouse. Finally, these yields are estimates based on ideal conditions. Factors like actual sunlight, water, soil Ph, and nutrients will each affect yield. Your own results will vary.

We’ve listed the results of our Hawaiin strain growing research and the characteristics profiles of each seed below. You’ll be able to see the benefits of their grow and some general information about the bud as well.

*Strains are ranked in no particular order.

1.      Arjan Haze #1

Arjan Haze #1 is a sativa-dominant strain bred for high yield. This strain also delivers incredible highs, with unique notes of fruit, flowers, and peppers. Additionally, Arjan Haze is a great choice for Hawaii’s hot summers. This strain flowers in 10-14 weeks. That’s a long time, but it gives her plenty of time to grow big before Hawaii’s short season hits. Plus, you can force flowering if you decide to plant it before June.

Most growers also love Arjan Haze’s vigorous growth. However, outdoors, you’ll have trouble hiding her. While considered “Medium size” this fast grower easily gets to 6 feet. In Hawaii’s long season, you’ll often get taller plants. However, you’ll also get more than 900g of good quality weed per plant.

Otherwise, Arjan Haze #1 is relatively easy. Make sure you keep the feed high. You’ll also want to look into a trellis or staking after flowering starts. Indoors, use Screen of Green or a similar method for a higher yield.

  • THC Levels: High (unknown)
  • Indica/Sativa: 30% Indica/70% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Low (Unknown)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter): 600-900g/ 700-1500 g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 10-13 weeks
  • Plant Size: 80-200cm / 36-84 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Mediterranean, Sunny Tropical
  • Grow Difficulty: Moderate
  • Genetics: Neville’s Haze x Cambodia Landrace x Laos Landrace
  • Typical Effects: Cerebral, Focused, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Energetic
  • Flavors/Aroma: Mint, Pepper

2.      Hawaii Maui Waui

Maui Waui is a stunning, crystal-coated bud bred right in Hawaii. This strain blends Hawaiian landrace sativas for a pure, old-school taste. This leggy beauty is also ideal for local climate. She exhibits excellent mold and rot resistance. That means you’ll have less to worry about in terms of keeping her dry.

However, Maui Waui is a great choice to use with a trellis, even outside. Use low stress training outdoors. Indoors, this is a perfect strain for Screen of Green. And, if you start her in June, she’ll be ready to flower at the end of September when the short-season hits.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a THC bomb, this plant is not it. Instead, she delivers intense purple buds with a balanced CBD/THC content. That’s about 10% of each. For this reason, Hawaii Maui Waui is extremely popular for medical usage.

  • THC Levels: 10% (Low)
  • Indica/Sativa: Likely 100% Sativa
  • CBD: 8-12% (High)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 350-450g/ 400g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
  • Plant Size: 160-180cm / 62-71 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Hawaii
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Hawaiian Sativa landrace
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, Relaxation, Uplifting, Happy
  • Flavors/Aroma: Sugar, Tropical, Citrus

3.      Afghani #1

Afghani’s pure, predictable production has made her a star of breeding programs the world over. But, the original Afghani, now known as #1, is incredible in Hawaii’s hot, humid weather. Afghani is prized for her high production, high resin, and early flowering. In Hawaii, she grows big, strong, and puts off incredible yields.

Of course, if you make extracts, you’ll love Afghani #1 even more. This plant is sticky and her resin-coated leaves produce amazing trim. If you can see them around all the crystal, the orange trichomes are also dense – leading to incredible highs and rich flavors.

Like most landraces, Afghani is also surprisingly easy to grow. However, her compact and dense buds can mean you want to use some low stress training. Otherwise, this strain is easy, fast, and extremely tolerant of most conditions – including wind.

  • THC Levels: 12-17% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 100% Indica
  • CBD Levels: 5-6% (High)
  • Outdoor Yield: 500-600g per square meter/450-700g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
  • Plant Height: 100-140cm / 39-55 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and humid
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Afghani landrace
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Sedation, Pain Relief, Sleepiness
  • Flavor/Aromas: Sandalwood, Pine wood, Lemon

4.      Sensi Star

Sensi Star is famous for her white-coated buds that sometimes feature so much crystal it looks like webbing. This small-growing plant is also perfect for indoor growth but will excel in Hawaii outdoors as well. However, Sensi Star is a little picky. She needs enough time between veg and flowering if you want a big yield. So, start her in June for a late September/Early October finish. That makes her one of the best strains for growing in Hawaii, because she can easily grow big in the long season and wait out the short one.

If you give her enough time, this strain will shoot up to 2 meters. She delivers a moderate yield of 400-600g per plant outdoors. However, with little fuss, and an unbelievable crystal count, you don’t need more than average production to love this plant.

Plus, with incredible lemony rock-hard buds, an energizing yet physical stone, and long-lasting highs, there’s just a lot to love about this plant.

  • THC Levels: 16-20%
  • Indica/Sativa: 90% Indica/10% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Under 1% (low)
  • Outdoor Yield: (grams per square meter) 400-450g / 400-600g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
  • Optimal Climate: Temperate
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: ?
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sedated, Energized, Cerebral, Body High
  • Flavors/Aroma: Lemon, Pine

5.      Blue Dream

If you’re looking for easy to grow, big yield, and incredible highs, Blue Dream delivers. This Indica-dominant hybrid excels in Hawaii’s tropical climate leading to massive yields. Plus, with sweet berries alpha-pinene terpenes, this plant exhibits traits from some of the world’s favorite strains.

Blue Dream is a great choice for growing outdoors in Hawaii. She stays compact, even in the sun. Plus, she has enough mold and rot tolerance that you won’t have to worry about top rot too much. Just wait 6-7 weeks from flowering, and she’ll deliver 800g or more of rich, crystal-coated bud.

Plus, Blue Dream responds well to many training techniques. That’s ideal for indoor growth. However, indoors, you will see a lower yield. For the best results, plant her outdoors, use supports, and feed her as much as you want. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely you’ll see her blue tones in Hawaii, because she normally doesn’t start to purple until nighttime temperatures drop to 50 degrees.

  • THC Levels: 20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Under 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter) 500g, or 700-850g per plant
  • Plant Size: 150-180cm / 59-71 inches
  • Flowering Time: 6-7 weeks, mid-October without light restriction
  • Optimal Climate: Coastal Mediterranean
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Blueberry Ice X Haze
  • Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Stress Relief, Body high
  • Flavors/Aroma: Sugar, Berries, Lemon, Herbal

6.      Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is yet another Green House Seeds strain bred by Arjan Roskam on this list. But, it’s true that Green House breeds some of the most award-winning strains on the planet. That remains true with Hawaiian Snow. This incredibly slow grower might start early and harvest late, but with 1000+ grams of yield per plant, she’s well worth the wait.

Additionally, Hawaiian Snow normally delivers about 18% THC. But, she hits much harder than you’d expect for that. In fact, this strain is known as a one-hit quitter – beloved by heavy users everywhere.

This 100% Sativa strain is also a great choice for indoor grows. She’s incredibly slow growing, giving you all the time in the world to perfect your Screen of Green. And, she responds incredibly well to hydro.

However, you’ll still get the biggest yield outdoors, with a trellis. Make sure you keep the big top leaves down for the best results.

  • THC Levels: 18-24% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 450-600g / 600-1200g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 14-15 weeks
  • Plant Size: 180cm +, 81 inches or more
  • Optimal Climate: Mediterranean
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Hawaiian Landrace x Laos landrace
  • Effects: Energy, Creativity, Euphoria, Calming, Cerebral
  • Flavors/Aroma: Tropical, Sweet, Pineapple

7.      AK-47

AK-47 might have been bred for cool Dutch summers, but she excels in Hawaii’s hot sun. Plus, with incredible resistance to mold and mildew, this coffee-shop classic is an almost sure-thing, even for a greenhouse grow.

AK-47 is popular for good yields, strong growth, and predictability. You’ll average 450 grams a plant on every grow, through the year. Of course, you’ll see more yield by applying good nutes and using Screen of Green. Outdoors you’ll want to stake her and use topping techniques. Otherwise, this strain is easy.

Plus, AK-47 is just an incredibly happy, easygoing high. That’s likely why she’s still a coffee-shop favorite almost 30 years later. Ak-47 also flowers fast. But that doesn’t matter too much, because she won’t finish until light drops enough. You’ll have to wait until the end of November for a good finish. Otherwise, use light restriction.

  • THC Levels: 17-20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 65% Indica/35% Sativa
  • CBD: 1.5% (Medium)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 350-500g / 450g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 6-7 weeks / Early to mid-October
  • Plant size: 170cm / 67 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Oceanic/Coastal humid
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Afghani landraces (secret)
  • Effects: Relaxation, Creativity, Sleepiness, Decreased Anxiety
  • Flavors/Aroma: Citrus, Sugar, Pine Wood, Skunky, Spicy

Hawaiian Climate for Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis in Hawaii should be easy. After all, with heat, sun, and humidity year-round, many strains will thrive. You do have to watch out for strains that are prone to top rot. Even indoors, you want more mold-resistant strains. Luckily the Dutch-bred strains that dominate this list excel at that. Of course, you can also try Jamaican bred strains, like Lambsbreath for choices a little closer to home.

However, your biggest challenge to growing cannabis in Hawaii will always be light. The Aloha State is just too close to the equator to have big differences in light. That means during summer, you’ll have 12-16 hours of light per day. On the shortest day of the year, you get 11. That’s important because most photoperiod plants need at least 12 hours of darkness to flower.

That’s why local growers always wait for the long season to start before planting an outdoor grow. Plant seeds on the first of June. Then, your strain will veg through the long season to grow big and strong. They’ll be ready to flower just as the days start to shorten. The perfect strains for Hawaii tolerate high humidity, are mold resistant, and mature late.

Hawaii Marijuana Growing Laws

Hawaii legalizes marijuana for registered medical patients. If you have a registry identification card, you can possess up to 10 plants and 4 ounces of processed weed.

  • Individuals with a Medical Marijuana registration may designate a caregiver to cultivate plants for them
  • The state of Hawaii heavily discourages locally growing rather than locally buying cannabis
  • Landlords cannot refuse rent or refuse to allow a registered medical user to grow
  • Possessing marijuana without a doctor’s recommendation is punishable by up to 30 days in jail or $1000
  • There are no set laws for growing fewer than 25 plants. Unless the grow is on someone else’s property, being caught with an illegal grow is fined based on the judge who handles the case.
  • Registered cardholders can have up to 7 mature plants at once
  • If you get a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana, you can apply for a 329 card with the Department of Health

Hawaii is also phasing out some allowances. For example, by 2023, you can no longer appoint a caregiver to grow plants for you. Instead, you’ll be expected to source your cannabis entirely through state dispensaries.

Hawaiian Summary

Growing cannabis in Hawaii can be a great experience. While light and humidity can be issues, finding the right strain will make Hawaiian grows easy. The best strains to grow in Hawaii are mold-resistant, flower at 12/12 daylight/darkness hours, and enjoy the heat. Once you get that down, cannabis plants excel in the state’s warm, humid climate. Whether you choose Dutch-bred strains or look for Jamaican and West-coast-bred varieties is really up to you.

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