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Top 9 Best Strains to Grow in High Heat: 2022 Comparison

Growing cannabis in hot weather – whether indoors in closed air or outside in the sun – can be a challenge. The solution is, of course, to choose heat resistant cannabis strains. These strains are bred or adapted to higher heat conditions. However, the best heat resistant cannabis strains will depend on what kind of heat you’re looking at. For example, resistance to high sun is a lot different from resistance to hot air in a cabinet or tent. 

The table below shows a quick comparison of all the best strains grown in high heat that we’ve researched:

StrainFlowering Time (Weeks)Yield Indica/Sativa
Blue Mystic Feminized7-9375-325g80% Indica/20% Sativa
Aurora Indica Feminized7-9400-500g90% Indica/10% Sativa
Kaya Gold Feminized7-9350-450g50% Indica/50% Sativa
Amnesia Haze Feminized10-11600-650g30% Indica/70% Sativa
Swiss Cheese Feminized6-8400-500g50% Indica/50% Sativa
Durban Poison Feminized8-9500-700g100% Sativa
Auto Amnesia Feminized10-12400-500g20% Indica/80% Sativa
Northern Lights Feminized7-8500-550g95% Indica/5% Sativa
Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) Feminized10-11550-600gSativa dominant 

Importantly, estimated grow times and yields are estimates only. These are based on optimal conditions by experienced growers. Your exact grow will be different depending on conditions like care, heat, light, micronutrients, and other factors. In addition, your microclimate may vary. Always use our research as a starting point for your own. 

We’ve listed the results of our high heat resistant strain growing research and the characteristics profiles of each seed below. You’ll be able to see the benefits of their grow and some general information about the bud as well.

*Strains are ranked in no particular order.

1. Blue Mystic Feminized 

Blue Mystic is a Blueberry x Northern Lights cross, bringing together some of the best traits from both strains. In fact, this strain does very well in hot rooms. 

Here, the ideal temperature is around 80 degrees. However, it will do well up to 90. Over that, and the THC will degrade. 

Unfortunately, this is a problem with most cannabis, which means you should be cooling your room or growing your plants later in the year if you can’t keep the space cooler than that. 

In addition to great heat resistance, Blue Mystic is compact and great for indoors. In fact, this is a highly recommended low odor strain. Plus, with dense branches, you have a perfect candidate for screen of green and other training methods. 

Blue Mystic is also a joy to smoke. Her dense buds are packed with trichomes. Plus, you get an incredibly intense berry profile with Northern Light’s classic, floating highs. 

  • THC Levels: 18-21% (Medium) 
  • Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica/20% Sativa 
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (low) 
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 375-325g
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 7-9 weeks 
  • Plant Size: 91-121cm/ 36-48 inches 
  • Optimal Climate: Moderate and warm 
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy 
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Northern Lights 
  • Effects: Creative, Uplifting, happiness, euphoria 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Berry, cheese, fruit 

2. Aurora Indica Feminized

Aurora Indica is a Northern Lights x Afghani, blending two of the better heat resistant strains together. In addition, this strain is a great choice for indoor grows. 

In fact, you’ll see as much as 400-500 grams indoors. Plus, with good, dense branches, it’s perfect for Screen of Green or Sea of Green training. 

Aurora Indica performs best in 70–90-degree temperatures. In addition, you’ll want to ensure you have moving air. However, you want to avoid some high sun. 

Plus, this strain prefers humid environments. That makes it one of the better strains for hot and humid climate conditions. If you live in a dry area, keep this one indoors. 

Aurora Indica also delivers great bud. You’ll get a compact, big central cola. Harvest also takes 7-9 weeks after she starts to flower. 

  • THC Levels: 14-17% (Low)
  • Indica/Sativa: 90% Indica/10% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (grams per Square Meter): 400-500g
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 7-9 
  • Plant Size: 91-110cm/36-43 inches
  • Optimal climate: Hot and humid 
  • Grow difficulty: easy 
  • Genetics: Northern Lights x Afghani 
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Fruit, Pungent, Sweet, Nuts, Earth, Diesel  

3. Kaya Gold Feminized

Kaya Gold is a Sativa-dominant strain, making it a great choice for high heat. In fact, some growers successfully grow Kaya Gold outdoors in 100-degree weather. 

Outdoors, you may have trouble keeping this plant hidden, as it can get quite tall. Indoors, you will have few issues, except this strain has Skunk genes. 

Otherwise, Kaya Gold offers very high resistance to temperature, pests, and mold. That makes this a great choice for desert environments where temperatures fluctuate. 

You’ll still get a better yield if you keep temps below 90 degrees on average. However, this is one of your best options if you can’t. 

Plus, Kaya Gold delivers an incredible high that relies on relaxation and body buzz for a good couch lock. While levels haven’t been tested, this strain also comes with a lot of CBD. 

  • THC Levels: High 
  • Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica/50% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: High 
  • Outdoor Yield: (grams per square meter): 350-450g
  • Flowering Time (Weeks) 7-9 
  • Plant Size: 150-220cm / 59-90 inches 
  • Optimal Climate: Moderate and dry 
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy 
  • Genetics: Master Kush x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights
  • Effects: Energetic, Body Buzz 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Skunk Spice  

4. Amnesia Haze Feminized

Amnesia Haze is a classic for outdoor growth. Plus, with genes from three high heat landrace strains, this Sativa-dominant strain is ideal for even the hottest temperatures. 

Amnesia Haze is also compact enough to grow outdoors. In fact, this strain rarely tops 47 inches, making it a great fit to keep hidden outdoors and in your back yard. 

Amnesia Haze also needs some training in most environments. Outdoors, you can use topping and trimming. Indoors, Screen of Green or Sea of Green are your best friends. Otherwise, this strain might mold, and interior buds won’t mature as much as you might like. 

Make sure they’re getting enough light and air.

Otherwise, Amnesia is easy going, tolerant to most heat waves, and requires little care for a big harvest. Plus, with high THC and medium CBD levels, this strain is all-around great. 

  • THC Levels: 16.7-21% (Medium) 
  • Indica/Sativa: 30% Indica/70% Sativa 
  • CBD Levels: 1-5% (Low to High) 
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 600-650g 
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 10-11
  • Plant Size: 100-120cm/ 39-47 inches 
  • Optimal Climate: Moderate and warm 
  • Grow Difficulty: Medium  
  • Genetics: Haze, Thai landrace, Hawaiian landrace, Afghani landrace 
  • Effects: Creative, Uplifting, invigorating, euphoria 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Lemon, Earth 

5. Swiss Cheese Feminized

Swiss Cheese blends Swiss Miss and a phenotype of Skunk #1 to create a unique, easy-growing strain. The skunk genes make this plant resistant to heat. However, it does prefer humid environments. 

That makes it a great choice for an indoor grow or for humid environments. At the same time, it smells a great deal, so you’ll want to go for outdoors or indoors with an air filter. 

Swiss Cheese is also a great choice for indoors because of its moderate height. You won’t fit this one into a crawlspace, but it won’t be touching your ceiling either. 

However, with a 400-500g yield indoors (With Screen of Green or Sea of Green methods), you won’t lose harvest either. 

Plus, with a 6–8-week flowering time, Swiss Cheese matures quickly. You’ll get heavy, dense buds with a lot of skunk and a little bit of cheese. 

  • THC Levels: 15-19% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica/50% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: 1% (Medium)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter) 400-500g
  • Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
  • Plant Size: 182-204 cm / 72-84 inches 
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and temperate 
  • Grow Difficulty: Medium 
  • Genetics: Swiss Miss x Skunk #1 
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Earth, Skunk, Tropical Fruits

6. Durban Poison Feminized

Durban Poison is one of the best strains for hot and dry climate types. However, it also does well in humid conditions, so this is a great plant for high heat in general. In fact, this African landrace is one of your best choices for growing outdoors in hot climates. For example, the more sun you get, the more yield you’ll get. 

On the other hand, this strain is a bad option for indoor growth. You also can’t grow it if privacy is a concern. Durban Poison often grows well over 7 feet tall. Plus, she smells a great deal. 

However, you’ll get a large yield of up to 700g of thick, orange-coated bud. As a pure Sativa, that is a sativa high, which is one of the reasons Durban Poison does so well in the heat. 

  • THC Levels: 20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 100% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 500-700g
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 8-9
  • Plant Size: 203-228cm / 80-90 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and warm
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: African Landrace
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation, Uplifting
  • Flavors/Aroma: Cheese, Citrus, Earth, Fruit, Skunk, Sweet

7. Auto Amnesia Feminized

Auto Amnesia is a perfect choice for indoor growers who want a fast yield, without fiddling around with light schedules. 

This Amnesia x Cannabis ruderalis cross is fast-finishing and relatively heat tolerant. It is true that many cannabis ruderalis (Autoflower) plants are less heat tolerant. That’s because they grow quickly so the leaves are thinner. 

However, cannabis ruderalis is adapted to Asia and Eastern Europe, where temperatures frequently hit 100F or higher during the summer. You’ll have few problems, so long as you keep the air moving. 

As an autoflower, this strain also matures fast. You can expect it to go from veg to chop in just 12 weeks total. And, at just 60-100 cm tall, this plant is ideal for keeping indoors. But, you still get 400-500g per square meter – for a very decent harvest. 

Auto Amnesia delivers a similar high profile to Amnesia Haze. You’ll get a great cerebral buzz with uplifting and happy highs. 

  • THC Levels: 15-18% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 20% Indica/80% Sativa/Cannabis Ruderalis
  • CBD Levels: less than 1%
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter):  400-500g 
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks 
  • Plant Size: 60-100cm / 23-39 inches 
  • Optimal Climate: Warm and humid 
  • Grow difficulty: Easy 
  • Genetics: Amnesia Haze x Cannabis Ruderalis 
  • Effects: Cerebral buzz, happiness, euphoria 
  • Flavors/Aroma: Lemon, Earth

8. Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains in the world. It also makes up the genetics of over half the strains on this list. That makes this one of the most popular high heat strains you can choose. 

However, Northern Lights really only tolerates very high temperatures when outdoors. Indoors, you don’t want to go too much over 85 degrees. 

Outdoors, you won’t have too many issues, so long as it gets enough water. If you do grow her indoors, make sure you use a fan and consider adding cooling. 

Northern Lights also delivers powerful, smooth highs that growers everywhere love.

 High THC count mixed with one of the highest CBD counts in a non-medical strain give her a unique, serene quality that is hard to find anywhere else. Plus, with a flowering time of just 7-8 weeks, this strain is fast. 

  • THC Levels: 18-21% (high) 
  • Indica/Sativa: 95% Indica/5% Sativa 
  • CBD Levels: Up to 10% (High) 
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter): 500-550 grams per square meter
  • Plant Size: 120-150cm / 47-59 inches 
  • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks 
  • Optimal Climate: Temperate Mediterranean 
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy 
  • Genetics: Afghani x Thai landrace
  • Effects: Relaxation, Pain Relief, Sedation, Body Buzz 
  • Flavors: Aroma: Earth, Pine, Pungent, Sweet

9. Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) Feminized

Amnesia Mac Ganja, also known as AMJ, is a sativa-dominant strain ideal for growing in high heat.

This heat loving strain mixes Amnesia Haze, one of the most popular high heat strains, with a Mexican Sativa landrace. The result, a high THC and incredibly heat tolerant cross. 

AMG does grow tall. Outdoors you can expect 140-200 cm. You’ll also get as much as 600g per plant, although indoors, it’s likely to be closer to 450g. 

Like other Amnesia strains, this will smell as well, so you shouldn’t expect to keep it private outside. 

  • THC levels: 22% (high)
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa dominant 
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low) 
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter): 550-600g 
  • Plant Size: 140-200cm / 55-78 inches 
  • Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks 
  • Optimal Climate: Hot and dry 
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy 
  • Genetics: Amnesia Haze x Mexican Sativa landrace
  • Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Uplifting 
  • Flavors: Earth, Spice, Herbal, Tea 

What Makes Cannabis Tolerant to High Heat 

In most cases, the only thing that makes cannabis tolerant to high heat is genetics. That means you have to look for strains from warm climates. For example, sativa strains tend to do very well. Many landrace strains, such as those from Africa, Thailand, Mexico, and Jamaica are great choices. 

However, it’s also important to pay attention to humidity levels and types of heat. A strain that excels in Jamaica and Hawaii is likely going to do poorly in Texas. Look for dry heat strains for dry heat and humid heat for humid areas. 

Advantages of Growing High Heat Strains

You might choose a high heat strain because you live in a hot climate. Or, you might be planning to grow cannabis indoors, in the summer, in a poorly ventilated area. In either case, you need a strain that can handle the heat without wilting. 

High heat strains are ideal not only because the plants survive. Cannabis strains adapted to harsh summers are more likely to grow with THC levels intact. If you take a northern strain, that might not be the case, even if the plant survives. 

Growing Marijuana in High Heat Climates 

High heat climates can range from the ridiculously humid and fertile to the barren and dry. It’s important to review your climate and choose plants and care that meet those environments. 

  • Watch Sun Levels – Too much sun can kill your plants. If you live in a high sun desert, make sure you invest in some coverage
  • Water is Key – Most plants can take nearly any level of heat, providing they have enough water. Keep an eye on watering, and your plants will do a lot better. But, many high heat areas have contaminated water. Invest in a filter or use distilled for the best results. 
  • Check the Nutrients – Use potting mix and invest in nutrients. Most desert areas don’t include the nutrients to keep normal plants in top health, let alone a cannabis plant. A good feed will greatly improve your grow. 
  • Use a Fan – If you’re growing indoors, it’s key to keep air moving. Use a fan to reduce damage to your plants. 


Growing cannabis in high heat can be a challenge. But, once you get the right strain and the right care, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of bud. The best strains to grow in high heat climates are always strains from similar climates. That also means they’ll flower and finish in a reasonable time. 

Hopefully, this list of high heat strains helps you with your own research.

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