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Top 22 Best Low Odor Strains for Growing Cannabis: 2022

Growing cannabis indoors allows year-round yields that your neighbors don’t have to know about. At the same time, most strains smell strongly enough you will notice it walking into a house. Much like having a cat, it’s hard for guests not to pick out distinctive smells on entering the house. Finding a good, low odor strain should be your top priority if you have to keep your cannabis growing quiet, your spouse prefers to not smell of cannabis, or you otherwise just want your house to smell of house and not of weed. In most cases, growing odorless cannabis means choosing a strain with the right terpene profile.

Terpenes, or the aromatic oils plants use to attract or repel insects, give cannabis its distinctive aromas. If you want a low odor cannabis, you normally want to choose a low myrcene profile. Myrcene is the terpene responsible for what is commonly known as “Skunk”.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have Skunk genes. It just means choosing strains that express fruity and sweet genes during flowering.

The table below gives a quick comparison of the best low odor strains of cannabis to grow:

Odorless StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYield (Grams per square meter)Flowering Time (Weeks)
Northern Lights Auto15%Indica dominant120-250g5-7
Blue Mystic18-21%Indica dominant375-425g8-9
Jack Herer20%Sativa dominant450-550g9
Hash Bomb15-20%Indica dominant500-600g5-8
Green Ninja22%Indica dominant500-550g8-9
Master Cookies16-22%Indica dominant500g8-9
BC Mango20-35%Indica dominant350-500g7-9
Northern Cheese21%Indica/Sativa400g6-8
Wipeout Express20%Indica dominant450-500g6-8
Polar Express15-20%Indica/Sativa600g9-12
Durban Poison20%Sativa500-700g9
Papaya Cannabis20-25%Indica dominant350-450g7-8
Sharksbreath20%Indica dominant500-600g9
White Gorilla Haze15-20%Sativa dominant450g9-10
Nicole Hindu Kush25%Indica dominant400-600g7-8
Auto Duck20%Indica dominant400-450g11-12
Green Crack20%Sativa dominant500-650g9-10
White Rhino17-20%Indica/Sativa350-450g8-10
Quick One13-15%Indica dominant275-350g5-6
Northern Lights20-23%Indica dominant300-400g6-8
Guava Jelly17-19%Indica/Sativa500g8
Wipeout20%Indica dominant450-500g6-7

*Estimated yield and grow time are based on ideal conditions. You’ll see differences based on your setup, light availability, feeding, pruning, and individual plant health.

Below we have outlined each low odor strain of marijuana in more detail. Note that strains are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights blends one of the lowest odor strains with cannabis ruderalis for an even lighter impact strain. While you will see reduced yield, this autoflower is ideal for indoor growers without a tent and grow light setup.

Northern Lights may make for good odorless weed, but it doesn’t scrimp on taste or effects. The autoflower is lighter, fruitier, and sweeter than the classic, but it still delivers a popular, calming high. That, plus its relatively compact and wide-spread growth makes this autoflower a perfect low odor strain for beginners.

However, Northern Lights Auto will perform better in strong light. If you have a south-facing window or a grow light, you’ll get a higher yield.

  • Flowering Time: 38-42 days
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis)
  • CBD Levels up to 1% (Low)
  • THC Levels 15% (Low)
  • Medium difficulty to grow
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: Northern Lights, Cannabis Ruderalis
  • Estimated Outdoor Yield: 120-250g per square meter
  • Low resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather
  • Typical Effects: Strong, body high, calming, body buzz
  • Taste & Smell: Pepper, Spice, Fruit, pungent

2. Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a dense, resin-packed Blueberry strain and its remarkably low odor. This mid-size plant is ideal for discrete indoor grows, especially if you want strong berry aromas.

While Blue Mystic can get big (over 9 feet), it’s more likely to stay small. These dense, trichome-packed buds are also ideal for everything from smoking to extracts. However, with Blue Mystic’s extremely popular berry flavor profile, chances are, you want to smoke the bud.

Blue Mystic is relatively odor free for the first 2-3 weeks of flowering. After that, you will get some smell, but that’s unavoidable. If you need absolutely odor free, use a tent with a filter.

  • Flowering Time: 53-63 days
  • Hybrid: 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
  • CBD Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC 18-21% (Medium)
  • Easy to grow
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Blueberry, Northern Lights,
  • Estimated Yield: 375-425g per square meter
  • Medium resistance to disease and weather
  • Typical Effects: uplifting, happiness euphoria
  • Taste & Smell: Berry, cheese, fruit,

3. Jack Herer

The famous Jack Herer might have strong skunk genetics, but it certainly doesn’t smell it. This low odor strain is ideal for big THC highs and balanced effects.

Jack Herer grows tall, broad, and busy, which means you’ll want to prune leaves for maximum yield. However, this award-winning strain is low odor, with a strong fruity smell through most of flowering. Although you will get some skunk tones near the end of growth, it’s easily masked.

Plus, with an incredibly balanced high, pepper and lemon aromas, and high yields indoors or out, Jack Herer remains a favorite, even before considering the smell.

  • Flowering Time: 63 days
  • Hybrid (40% Indica, 60% Sativa)
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC: Up to 20% (medium)
  • Plant Size: Large
  • Genetics: Shiva Skunk, Haze, Northern Lights #5
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated yield: 450-550g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Creative, Energetic, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
  • Smell & Taste: Pepper, Earth, Lemon, Pine, Spice, Wood

4. Hash Bomb

This Hash Plant crossed with Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb #1 strain is popular for sticky, resinous buds. But, indoor growers love it for a low odor profile that mostly smells sweet until the very end of flowering.

While Hash Bomb says “hash”, it’s also a great all-around plant. Balanced THC highs of 15-20%, high resin production on bud and leaves, and relatively high yields of 500-600g per square meter make this beauty a balanced choice.

Of course, Hash Bomb also comes with a strong, calming effect beloved for medicinal use. These sticky, orange trichomes have an untested, but probably high CBD count.

  • Flowering Time: 38-53 days
  • Hybrid: (Mostly Indica/Sativa)
  • CBD? (Medium)
  • THC: 15-20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Amsterdam Skunk, Hash Plant, Bomb #1
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated yield: 500-600g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Calming, sedative, pain relief, creative, uplifting
  • Smell & taste: Sugar, Pine, Cream

5. Green Ninja

Green Ninja, as the name might suggest, was bred to be a low smell strain. But, with parentage including Northern Lights and Afghan, Green Ninja doesn’t trade flavor and good highs for discretion.

However, Green Ninja is exceptionally discrete. The plant not only delivers mellow odors, even at the height of flowering, it’s short and stocky as well. That makes Green Ninja an ideal indoor strain for small spaces.

However, you will have to prune top leaves. Plus, the more light you give her, the bigger the harvest. That makes Green Ninja a top candidate for Sea of Green if you have a light setup.

  • Flowering Time: 53-63 days
  • Hybrid (70% Indica, 30% Sativa)
  • CBD: 1% (medium)
  • THC: 22% (high)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Northern Lights, Afghan
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 500-550g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Body buzz, meditative, calming, sedative
  • Smell & Taste: Sweet, Tropical,

6. Master Cookies

This Indica-dominant strain stands out with a mix of low smell, fast flowering, and the Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. That delivers a discrete strain with amazing taste and highs that’s hard to pass up.

In fact, Master Cookies was bred to be a more discrete alternative to Master Kush. The original, which is already relatively low-odor, is a favorite. Master Cookies delivers that flavor and high profile plus the trichome rich and sugary buds of Girl Scout Cookies.

While Master Cookies isn’t the fastest growing strain, it does smell of sugar and lemon throughout flowering. You’ll also want to be careful in tents, because resinous trichomes will stick to everything. Other than that, this girl is easy to grow indoors with feed. You’ll get giant, incredibly dense, incredibly sticky buds in response for a bit of care and love.

  • Flowering Time: 53-63 days
  • Hybrid (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC 16-22% (medium)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: SoCal Master Kush, Forum Cookies
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 500g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Uplifting, sleepy, euphoria, happiness, relaxation
  • Smell & Taste: Fruit, Sugar, Earth, Berries, Grape

7. BC Mango

BC Mango was first bred in 2009 and immediately won an award. That aside, this mango-heavy strain is well worth your time, if you can find it.

While BC Mango is new, she delivers ease of growth, strong highs, and a fruity mango aroma during flowering and while smoking. That makes her especially easy to grow indoors, because she’s discrete. But, her strong stem structure is ideal for even beginners who want to try techniques like topping, although she already has low side branching.

Overall, BC Mango delivers delightful flavor profiles, sweet smells, and ease of growth. Essentially, there’s very little not to love.

  • Flowering Time: 49-63 days
  • Hybrid (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Medium)
  • THC: 20-25% (High)
  • Plant Size: Large
  • Genetics: Mango, KC Mango
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to weather, high resistance to disease
  • Estimated Yield: 350-500g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Calming, uplifting, relaxing
  • Taste & Smell: Mango, fruit, sugar

8. Northern Cheese

What do you get when you blend Northern Lights and Cheese? One of the most flavorful low-odor buds out there.

Northern Cheese has a relatively low yield, but she grows fast and easily in most indoor setups. Additionally, this strain will smell of pepper and herbs during flowering, which doesn’t trigger too many alarm bells for cannabis. Additionally, you’ll get dense, resinous buds with a strong peppery aroma. Those buds pack a deep high that leaves even experienced smokers couch locked.

While Northern Cheese isn’t the easiest strain to grow, it’s extremely popular for pain relief. It also cuts down on the need to prune, with a light foliage pattern that lets light in.

  • Flowering Time: 38-52 days
  • Hybrid
  • CBD: More than 1% (Medium)
  • THC 21% (high)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: Exodus Cheese, Northern Lights #5, Haze F2, Fantasmo Express F4 Regular Auto
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to weather and disease
  • Estimated Yield: 400g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Body buzz, calming, psychedelic, physical
  • Taste & Smell: herbal, musk, cheese, spice, pepper

9. Wipeout Express

This three-way Auto cross blends together some of the world’s favorite Autoflowering strains. With White Widow Auto, Northern Lights Auto, and Afghani Auto in the mix, this strain is eye-catching for genetics alone.

Plus, with a tiny max height, low odor, and intense highs, this little strain is an easy favorite for many. Heights rarely top 3 feet, and you can normally expect shorter. And, dense buds feature orange trichomes packing up to 20% THC.

While many fast-flowering and autoflowers reduce yield, this little stunner performs like its genetics would suggest, with an average 450+ grams per square meter.

  • Flowering Time: 38-53 days
  • Hybrid (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)
  • CBD: Under 1% (Low)
  • THC: 20%+ (high)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: White Widow Auto, Northern Lights Auto, Afghani Auto
  • Estimated Yield: 450-500g per square meter
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Typical Effects: Calming, Sedating, Physical
  • Taste & Smell: Hash, Sweet

10. Polar Express

Yet Another Northern Lights cross, this low odor strain delivers high THC, big buds, and a tiny plant. That makes it ideal for discrete indoor growth.

While Polar Express is well known for compact grows and big center colas, it also delivers an intense high and flavor. On the other hand, you don’t want to grow this without lights. In fact, you’ll want a 16-18-hour light cycles for a maximum yield.

That aside, Polar Express is easy and low maintenance. Prune her a bit, feed her, and don’t worry about pruning. This center-cola-heavy strain does best when unpruned. These incredibly white buds will form thick around the center cola and lower branches no matter what, so don’t worry about it.

That makes Polar Express one of our favorite discrete grows, especially for “guerilla grows”, where you have to keep your plants completely hidden.

  • Flowering Time: 60-80 days
  • Hybrid (Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis)
  • CBD under 1% (*low)
  • THC 15-20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Easy to grow
  • Genetics: Northern Lights #5, Kush, Lowryder, Cannabis Ruderalis
  • Estimated Yield: 600g per square meter
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Typical Effects: Body high, Calming, sedative, uplifting
  • Taste & Smell: Sweet, Pineapple, Fruity, Mango, Tangerine

11. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa landrace that remains one of the most popular strains on the planet. This low-odor marijuana is not just a good discrete grow, it’s incredibly sweet, uplifting, and a joy to grow.

Of course, Durban Poison does want a lot of light. That’s to be expected, considering she comes from Africa. But, give her enough light and this strain will reward with big buds, high yield, and a floating, mellow high.

Additionally, you will want to stake Durban Poison. Big, sticky orange buds can weigh branches down to the point where they snap. That makes Durban Poison an ideal candidate for screen of green techniques, which easily offer enough support.

  • Flowering Time: 56 days
  • Sativa
  • CBD: Under 1% (Low)
  • THC: 20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Large
  • Medium difficulty to grow
  • Genetics: African Landrace
  • Estimated Yield: 500-700g per square meters
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation, Uplifting
  • Taste & Smell: Cheese, Citrus, Earth, Fruit, Skunk, Sweet

12. Papaya

Fruity aromas are the most popular low odor strains and Papaya has that in spades. This Jack Herer and Skunk #1 cross delivers good highs with an incredibly fruity body for a great, indoor grow.

Of course, in addition to fruity, Papaya delivers thick, sticky buds covered with orange trichomes. The dense buds are ideal for Sea of Green, but you’ll get good results from topping as well. And, with an output of 350-450g per square meter, this beauty doesn’t disappoint.

On the other hand, you’ll want to keep this plant warm during growth. That, plus plenty of light will ensure you get maximum yield and maximum THC. Otherwise, there’s not much to worry about with this fast, easy plant.

  • Flowering Time: 43-53 days
  • Hybrid (70% Indica, 30% Sativa)
  • CBD (under 1%) (low)
  • THC 20-25% (high)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Jack Herer, Skunk #1
  • Medium difficulty to grow
  • Estimated Yield: 350-450g pe square meter
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, relaxing, sedative
  • Taste & Smell: Fruit, Mango, Papaya, Sugar, Tropical

13. Sharksbreath

If you’re looking for a fast, short low-odor strain to grow indoors, Sharksbreath is probably a top choice. In fact, this Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbreath strain is quickly becoming an incredibly popular commercial strain for just those reasons.

However, that’s not all she has to offer. With proper feeding, this strain produces high resin, high THC, and incredibly consistent grows. That makes her a safe bet for growers who want guaranteed output.

On the other hand, Sharksbreath isn’t the best choice for beginners. You’ll need to control the lighting and the feed to get the best results. Go for 600+ watts lights with Sea of Green techniques for the highest yield.

  • Flowering Time: 63 days
  • Hybrid (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
  • CBD under 1% (low)
  • THC 20% + (high)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: Great White Shark, Jamaican Lambsbreath
  • Medium Difficulty to grow
  • Estimated Yield: 500-600g per square meter
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, uplifting, calm, sociable
  • Taste & Smell: Pine, Sugar, Fruit

14. White Gorilla Haze

White Gorilla Haze blends Amnesia Haze, Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue. While this strain stands out for low odor, growers everywhere love it for high resin production and consistent yields.

This phenotype offers low leaf density, wide internodes, and plenty of space between buds. It’s an ideal strain for most techniques, with Sea of Green, Screen or Green, and lollipopping all paying off. Either way, you’ll want to use lights to force flowering if you want to keep this strain small indoors. Otherwise, expect heights of 3-11 feet.

Additionally, White Gorilla Haze delivers on its name. You’ll get dense buds so covered with white resin that they look snow coated. We’d recommend saving the trim for extracts or hash production to ensure you get the most out of it.

  • Flowering Time: 63-70 days
  • Hybrid (35% indica, 65% Sativa)
  • CBD under 1% (Low)
  • THC 15-20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Gorilla Glue
  • Easy to Grow
  • Estimated Yield: 450g per square meter
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Typical effects: Stimulating, body high, sedating, psychedelic
  • Taste & Smell: Earth, Sweet, Pine, Coffee

15. Nicole Hindu Kush

Nicole Hindu Kush might be the highest CBD odorless marijuana available. Of course, that relates to genetics like Afghani and Kush hybrids, but CBD can go up to an impressive 25%.

While Nicole Hindu Kush offers incredibly high THC/CBD levels, it’s also popular for ease of growth and output. Growers get a dense, compact plant with yields of up to 600g per square meter. Dense, sticky buds are popular for smoking and for hash.

Additionally, Nicole Hindu Kush responds exceptionally well to topping. That, plus good light and warm weather will ensure this beautiful plant offers her best. Indoors, buds will likely stay green. Outdoors, you can get beautiful purple hues just before harvest.

  • Flowering Time: 49-53 days
  • Hybrid: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
  • CBD: up to 25% (High)
  • THC up to 25% (High)
  • Plant Size: small
  • Genetics: Afghani, Kush hybrid
  • Easy to grow
  • Estimated Yield: 400-600g per square meter
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, calming, pain relief
  • Taste & Smell: Earthy, incense, lemongrass, sandalwood

16. Auto Duck

Auto Duck takes guerilla growing to a new level, with web-shaped rather than standard “weed” leaves. That, plus intense THC and big buds make this low odor strain extremely popular.

Auto Duck is the autoflowering variant of Dutch Passion’s Frisian Duck. While it maybe be one of the best low odor cannabis strains, it also delivers beautiful, big buds. Auto Duck excels outdoors, but thanks to her short size and weird leaves, can pass as a houseplant until maturity.

That aside, once Auto Duck flowers, she will have some smell, though it’s mostly light and spicy. You’ll also want to ensure she gets plenty of light to ensure buds get dense. Otherwise, you will have fluffy, but still tasty buds.

  • Flowering Time: 75-80 days
  • Hybrid: Indica-dominant
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC up to 20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: small
  • Genetics: Friesian Duck, White Widow Auto
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 400-450g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Relaxing, Creative, Uplifting, Euphoria
  • Taste & Smell: Pine, Earth, Floral, Fruity

17. Green Crack

Green Crack, also known as Mango Crack and Mango Cush, is a potent and popular low odor strain. This fruity strain descends from Skunk #1 but has enough Indica that during growth, she primarily smells of fruit.

While this plant stays short at 3 feet or less, it’s easy to train and to use Sea of Green or Screen of Green on it. In fact, that’s recommended, considering dense, central stem colas grow bigger with pruning, to maximize total yield.

Green Crack’s small size and low odor make her perfect for growing indoors. However, in a pot, she’s durable enough to move outside to a balcony in most climates. However, you do have to feed this strain a lot for the best results.

  • Flowering Time: 63-70 days
  • Hybrid (Sativa dominant)
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC 20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: Skunk #1, Indica (mystery plant)
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 500-650g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Energetic, Euphoria, Stimulating, Calming
  • Taste & Smell: Floral, Fruit, Mango

18. White Rhino

White Rhino blends White Widow with Canadian Maple Leaf Indica, for a beautiful, trichome rich plant. In fact, this American landrace hybrid is one of the most recommended medical cannabis plants out there.

Additionally, Canadian Maple Leaf genetics mean this plant has very little odor during flowering. That’s perfect for discrete grows. However, you will get some “cannabis” smells during end-stage flowering so make sure you can close windows or doors for the final few weeks.

Otherwise, White Rhino is an easy indoor grow, excelling in 5-gallon containers. Use topping and Sea of Green or Screen of Green for the biggest yields.

  • Flowering Time: 53-70 days
  • Hybrid: Indica/Sativa
  • CBD: 2.5% (high)
  • THC 17-20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: White Widow, Canadian Maple Leaf Indica (American landrace)
  • Easy to grow
  • Estimated Yield: 350-450g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, Calming, Relaxation,
  • Taste & Smell: Berry, sharp, Earth

19. Quick One

While this funky autoflowering strain isn’t quite as fast as the name might suggest (though close), it is excellent in many other ways. Quick One blends an American landrace with cannabis ruderalis and Lowryder for exceptional results and one of the best low odor weed strains.

In fact, Quick One goes from germination to chop in just 63 days. During that time, you’ll get a short plant not exceeding 3 feet. It’s relatively low odor and what you do smell is primarily citronella. That makes this short plant easy to hide from neighbors.

On the other hand, you’ll want to o=provide as much light and feed as you can. She will flower automatically, yielding an average of 275-350g per square meter.

  • Flowering Time: 35-40 days
  • Hybrid: Indica x ruderalis
  • CBD: Less than 1% (low)
  • THC 13-15% (Low)
  • Plant Size: small
  • Genetics: Canadian landrace, cannabis ruderals, William’s Wonder, Northern lights, Lowryder
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 275-350g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: relaxation, calm
  • Taste & Smell: Herbal, Citrus

20. Northern Lights

We’ve already mentioned the Northern Lights Auto, but with higher yield and higher THC, it’s hard not to mention the original. As you’ve likely noticed, this popular favorite has contributed to genetics across this best low odor strains list.

Her odor remains relatively low throughout growth, with strong sweet notes during the end of flowering. The strain also delivers easy care, with high CBD and dense, beautiful buds. In most cases, you can prune or ensure high light saturation for a bigger yield.

Northern Lights has contributed to the genes of some of the most popular strains on this list. It’s also a proven favorite for discrete indoor growers for those reasons.

  • Flowering Time: 48-53 days
  • Hybrid (95% Indica, 5% Sativa)
  • CBD: Up to 10% (High)
  • THC:20-23% (High)
  • Plant Size: Large
  • Genetics: Thai and Afghani Landrace
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated yield: 300-400g
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Sedation, Pain Relief, Body Buzz
  • Smell & Taste: Earthy, Pine wood, Pungent, Sweet

21. Guava Jelly

If you want a strong flavor with a low smell, Guava Jelly is an ideal plant. This fruity strain delivers diverse genetics for an uplifting high nearly everyone loves.

While Guava Jelly has some smell, it’s very mild compared to many other Kush plants. It also delivers high THC and big, green buds that more than make up for the faint air control needed indoors. Additionally, Guava Jelly is a strong grower in most conditions.

Consider using super cropping, topping, or Screen of Green for the best yields and results. Left unpruned, you’ll get a lower yield. Additionally, you may have to stake the branches.

  • Flowering Time: 63 days
  • Hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)
  • CBD less than 1% (Low)
  • THC 17-19%
  • Plant Size: Medium
  • Genetics: Wedding Cheesecake, Durban Poison, OG Kush, Strawberry Kush
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated yield: 500g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Balanced, uplifting, calming
  • Taste & Smell: Berry, Tropical, Fruit, Citrus, Anise, Skunk

22. Wipeout

This fast, floral hybrid delivers massive THC and big yields in just 2 months. That’s impressive, considering it’s also a small, low-odor stealth plant perfect for indoor grows.

While Wipeout boasts a complex parentage of Afghani Auto, Northern Lights Auto, and White Widow Auto, its genes are surprisingly similar to some of our other favorite indoor grows. That’s fair, considering it doesn’t normally top 3 feet. You’ll also enjoy light, citrusy smells, rather than heavy skunk odors.

What else? Wipeout packs a punch, with dense, orange trichome-packed buds and THC as high as 20%. That makes it one of our favorite low odor marijuana strains if you need a fast grow.

  • Flowering Time: 38-45 days
  • Hybrid (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)
  • CBD: Less than 1% (Low)
  • THC up to 20% (Medium)
  • Plant Size: Small
  • Genetics: Afghani Auto, Northern Lights Auto, White Widow Auto
  • Easy to grow
  • High resistance to disease and weather
  • Estimated Yield: 450-500g per square meter
  • Typical Effects: Physical, Couch lock, sedating
  • Taste * Smell: Citrus, Sour, peppery, Pungent

How to Choose Low Odor Strains

While you can take steps to reduce the smell of cannabis, there’s no such thing as odorless marijuana. All strains smell slightly. However, you can choose low odor marijuana strains for a more discrete grow. That may be important if your state hasn’t yet legalized it, your neighbors might complain, or your landlord has a no-tolerance policy.

No matter what, the best way to grow weed that doesn’t smell is to look at the terpenes profile and to grow a smaller plant. The smaller your plant, the less likely it is to smell. Additionally, many growers prefer autoflowering strains, because they have less time to smell.

Reducing Cannabis Smell: Top Tips

Growing low odor strains indoors will still result in some smell. While the lowest odor plants won’t have the same “oomph” as the worst, you’ll still smell it. Here are some other ways to reduce the smell of your cannabis:

  • Use a Tent – Keeping cannabis contained does a lot to contain the smell. Of course, you’ll have to ventilate it. However, most also offer reflective surfaces and temperature control to improve your total grow
  • Filter Your Air – Carbon filtering is a tried-and-true method to reduce weed smell. However, you’ll have to keep weed isolated in a tent or a room
  • Keep Temperatures Low – Lower temperatures and humidity result in less smell. Unfortunately, it also means lower yields. If discretion is absolutely a priority, choose a Dutch strain and aim to keep your room around 60 degrees. Less than that, and the plant will definitely suffer.
  • Dry Buds with Caution – Buds can smell considerably when drying. Make sure you dry them in a sealed location with filtering
  • Other Filters – Many growers use filtering methods like Ona gel to catch the smell. This only works if you have a few plants.

Marijuana Smell FAQ

If you still have questions about growing cannabis with less smell, keep reading

What Makes Cannabis Smell?

The Terpenes or aromatic oils produced by the plant. All plants have these. Cannabis plants produce 6 primary terpenes including Myrcene (skunk), Limonene (citrus), Pinene (pine), beta caryophyllene (herbal/spicy), Humulene (earth), and Linalool (floral/spicy). These contribute to the taste and smell. Many people also suggest they interplay with the high, to create different effects.

Can Cannabis Smell Go Through Walls?

It depends on the wall. Normally, no. But, if your wall is thin gypsum, has vents in it, or otherwise does not provide much of a barrier, it could. That’s why seriously discrete growers use tents.

Why Does My Cannabis Have No Smell After Drying?

It’s likely been over dried or has not yet been properly cured. This may or may not affect the taste depending on methods used and the strain.

How to Get Cannabis Smells Out of Clothing

Normally, the only way to get cannabis smells out of clothing is to wash it with an astringent, such as vinegar. If you’re concerned about smelling of weed after caring for plants, consider setting aside a separate set of clothes just for gardening.

How Do I Make My Buds Smell Better?

Normally, the only way to improve the smell of cannabis is to use nutrients during your grow. If your goal is to get buds that don’t smell, you probably don’t want that because it affects flavor as well. Plus, by the time you’ve dried buds enough to lose smell, you’ll lose potency as well.

Do Sativa and Indica Strains Smell Different?

Yes, but subtly so. Additionally, most available strains are now hybrids, so you get a mix of both.

Low Odor Strain Summary

Growing low odor strains indoors is a great way to get quality weed in a discrete fashion. However, some caution and precautions are still necessary. This list covers some of the best low odor cannabis strains. But, you’ll still want to consider using a tent, using a filter, and, in extreme cases, managing the temperature to prevent smells from leaking.

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