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Top 12 Best Strains to Grow in Maine: 2022 Comparison

Maine is well known for many things, but a long growing season isn’t one of them. That aside, growing marijuana in Maine isn’t as difficult as you might think. For example, summer temperatures are in the perfect range for many strains. Additionally, late summer sun is just right for getting a peak harvest. At the same time, the growing season is short. Frost ends the last week of May and starts the last week of September, on average. That means the best strains to grow in Maine finish fast.

The table below shows a quick comparison of all the best strains to grow in Maine that we’ve researched:

StrainFlowering Time (weeks)Yield (per plant)Indica/Sativa
Super Skunk7-8400g20% Indica/80% Sativa
Tangerine Dream8-9500gSativa-dominant
Blue Cheese8-9500-550g40% Indica/60% Sativa
Sour Diesel10-12450g40% Indica/60% Sativa
Blue Dream6-7700-850g70% Indica/30% Sativa
Blueberry9400g80% Indica/ 20% Sativa
White Widow8-9900g60% Sativa/40% Indica
Purple Haze8-10400g30% Indica/70% Sativa
AK-476-7450g65% Indica/35% Sativa
OG Kush8450g75% Indica/25% Sativa
Northern Lights8-9600g90-95%Indica/5-10% Sativa
Gorilla Glue Autoflower870340g50% Indica/50% Sativa

Importantly, grow times and yield ratios are heavily depending on individual growing factors. These include sunlight, nutrients, soil PH, soil makeup, temperature, and general care. For example, many plants produce more using pruning techniques. Your own results may vary. Additionally, Maine has several microclimates. Do your own research to see which plants best suit your local climate.

We’ve listed the results of our Maine strain growing research and the characteristics profiles of each seed below. You’ll be able to see the benefits of their grow and some general information about the bud as well.

*Strains are ranked in no particular order.

1. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a legendary home grow the world over. But, this early finishing strain is also a top pick for Maine residents. Why? It’s tolerant of temperature shifts, finishes early, and can be chopped after just 7 weeks of flowering if you use light restriction.

Super Skunk is also relatively compact. Plant her in the sun and she’ll grow to a maximum of about 3 feet. Of course, while she’s small, she smells a lot during flowering, so this isn’t a great stealth plant.

Otherwise, you’ll have no trouble harvesting up to 400g of big, sticky bud from this plant. Use a topping technique for maximum yield.

Plus, if you plant her in a pot, you can move her around as the sun shifts throughout the year. That will also save you a lot of hassle in case frost does come early.

What else? This strain is high in CBD, so you’ll get a potent but mellow high.

  • THC Levels: 19% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 20% Indica/80% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Up to 2.4% (High)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 400-600g or up to 400g per plant
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 7-8 weeks or late September/early October without light restriction
  • Plant Size: CM + Inches: 140-180cm/ 55-70 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and warm
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Afghani
  • Effects: Body Buzz, Relaxation, Calming, Happy
  • Flavors/Aroma: Sweet, Pungent, Spicy

2. Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a modern hybrid strain bred for medical and recreational use. While this strain is well-known for incredible flavors, it has a lot more to offer. For example, Tangerine Dream flowers in just 7-8 weeks.  Of course, she still won’t finish naturally until mid-October, so you’ll either have to restrict light or keep an eye on the weather reports with an outdoor grow in Maine.

Of course, if you’re worried, Tangerine Dream is also available as an autoflower. Or, use 30 liter pots to ensure you can move your grow inside.

That aside, Tangerine Dream is incredibly popular for balanced highs. This is one of the few plants you’ll get stimulation and relaxation from. That’s great for a relaxing, creative vibe. Plus, it just tastes good.

Tangerine Dream also likes temperatures around 70 degrees. While the more sun the better, you can likely find a good spot in your yard without too much trouble. It’s also a good idea to use staking or a trellis in the last few weeks of flowering because the buds can snap the branches.

  • THC Level: 25%
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa dominant
  • CBD Levels: Around 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 450-500g / 500g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks or Mid October
  • Plant Size: 100-150cm / 39-59 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and humid
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: G13 x Afghani x Nevilles A5 Haze
  • Effects: Uplifting, Cerebral, Stress Relief, Relaxation, Creativity
  • Flavors/Aroma: Sour, Mandarin, Earthy, floral, Fruit

3. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an all-time favorite for growers everywhere. Yet, Blue Cheese is particularly suited to Maine’s short growing season. Why? With a 7–8-week flowering time and high resistance to mold, the strain perfectly suits the summer. In fact, Blue Cheese will flourish in cool autumns, as it prefers 65–80-degree days.

This is also a great choice for new growers who want to learn how to use nutrients. Blue Cheese is difficult to over feed. Give her more nutrients and more sun to get more bud. That, plus easy training and dense structure make this a great learning plant.

Blue Cheese has a medium yield. But, what you do get will be amazing. This strain delivers a flavor profile that’s hard to match anywhere, plus smooth, meditating highs.

  • THC Levels: 14-20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 40% Indica/60% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter): 300-600g/ 500g-550g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks / End September
  • Plant Size: 60-110cm / 23-43 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny coastal/humid
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Cheese
  • Effects: Relaxed, Calm, Meditative, Creative
  • Aroma/Flavors: Berry, Skunk, Cheese, Pungent

4. Sour Diesel

This American-bred favorite is a star grower across the globe. That makes it an easy choice for growers who want a tried-and-true strain in Maine’s climate. Sour Diesel is easy, high producing, and adapts well to most weather.

Unfortunately, Sour Diesel finishes late. With an early November finish in most climates, you’ll have to bring her inside for the final weeks. On the other hand, some parts of Maine see faster light reduction. You might see an earlier finish. Otherwise, plan to use pots. Alternatively, you can get covers for light restriction.

Sour Diesel likes to be in the sun. She’s also a great choice for Maine’s humid weather. Good mold and mildew resistance mean you’ll have less to worry about than many other strains.

However, this strain does get big. You’re looking at 7-10 feet on average for outdoor grows. If you want a stealth plant, go for the Blue Cheese instead.

  • THC Levels: 19% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 40% Indica/60% Sativa
  • CBD Level: 3% (High)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter): 450-600g, 450g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks, early November
  • Plant Size: 254-304cm / 100-120 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Coastal continental (sunny)
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Shiva x Hawaiian x Northern Lights x Diesel
  • Effects: Relaxed, Cerebral, Focused, Energetic
  • Flavors/Aroma: Diesel, Bitter, Sour, Herbal

5. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sweet, berry modern hybrid. Plus, she flowers fast and, with light restriction, will chop to 700-850g per plant. If you don’t light restrict, your harvest will be in mid-October, so keep an eye on frost predictions.

This pretty blue strain also likes sun. That’s great for Maine’s sunny late summers. And, with cooling fall weather, you’ll get more blue and purples in the leaves and bud.

Most growers love Blue Dream for her flavor, high yield, and ease of growth. Others prize her for high alpha-pinene terpenes. Either way, this is an easy choice for many. Plus, this is an incredibly crystal-rich bud, perfect for extracts as well as smoking.

  • THC Levels: 20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Under 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per square meter) 500g, or 700-850g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 6-7 weeks, mid-October without light restriction
  • Optimal Climate: Coastal Mediterranean
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Blueberry Ice X Haze
  • Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Stress Relief, Body high
  • Flavors/Aroma: Sugar, Berries, Lemon, Herbal

6. Blueberry

Blueberry is a classic for good flavor and good highs. But, it’s also easy to grow, even in Maine’s short grow season. Blueberry is hardy, offers good mold and mildew resistance, and is a great beginner strain.

On the other hand, Blueberry doesn’t like to get wet. This strain is alright with high humidity, but you’ll want to use a cover to prevent rain. Otherwise, you might get top rot.

Blueberry offers a good yield per plant. However, you can increase this using topping techniques and stress training with a trellis. The plant is also short enough you can keep it under cover and relatively stealth, even outdoors.

With that bit of care, you’ll get up to 400g of bud. And, Blueberry is renowned for her thick crystal coating.

  • THC Levels: 16% (Low)
  • Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 450-550g per square meter/ 400 grams per plant
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 9 weeks or mid-October without light restriction
  • Plant Size: 100-150cm / 39-59 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Moderate and dry
  • Grow Difficulty: Medium
  • Genetics: Purple Thai & Thai
  • Effects: Euphoria, happiness, relaxation, sleepiness
  • Flavors/Aroma: Berry, earthy, fruity, pine, sweet

7. White Widow

White Widow is a star of the Dutch coffee shops. But, she’s also a popular favorite on the east coast. This Dutch strain navigates hot summers, humid weather, and cool autumns with ease. That makes it one of the best strains for growing marijuana in Maine.

Like most other cannabis plants, White Widow normally finishes at the end of October. You might already have frost by then. Use buckets or choose an autoflower version of the strain to be sure.

However, White Widow is easy and high producing. She loves humidity and sun, so Maine’s sticky summers are actually perfect. And, once she’s ready to chop, plants are known to put off 900g each.

  • THC Levels: 20-24%
  • Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa/40% Indica
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 450-500g/900g per plant
  • Flowering Time (Weeks) – 8-9 weeks/End of October without light restriction
  • Plant Size: 150-190cm / 59-60 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Temperate and sunny
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Brazilian Sativa landrace/South Indian indica
  • Effects: Uplifting, Relaxation, Energy, Happy
  • Flavors/Aroma: Fruit, Pine, Pungent, Sweet

8. Purple Haze

Purple Haze is an old-fashioned favorite, beloved since the 70s. While this classic was bred on the west coast, she excels in high humidity and lower sun. While that’s partially because of good leaf spread (and you can prune to improve that), Purple Haze just has good genes.

Like many other strains, Purple Haze finishes in late October. Take that into account and watch the weather from the end of September onwards.

Additionally, Purple Haze offers a good yield. Buds and leaves will turn more purple as it starts to chill off. And, you can increase yield with topping and good feed.

Once ready to chop, Purple Haze delivers a good yield of crystal bud. And, growers love her smooth, trippy highs.

  • THC Levels: 16-20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 30% Indica/70% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield:(grams per square meter) 300-500g/400g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks / Mid October
  • Plant Size: 160cm / 63 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and humid
  • Grow difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Haze X Purple Thai
  • Effects: Creative, Uplifting, Energetic, Intense
  • Flavors/Aroma: Tropical, Fresh, Sweet

9. AK-47

AK-47 is a popular Dutch hybrid that’s retained its top spot since the 90s. That’s also for good reason. This easy-going strain is perfect for many U.S. climates. And, it flowers fast. In fact, AK-47 is a great choice for Maine because you can always chop her a bit earlier if frost hits.

Ideally, you’ll wait until around the second week of October. If you can’t, you’ll sacrifice a bit of bud and still get your harvest.

AK-47 is also well-known as a heavy hitter. Many growers are surprised to learn that isn’t because of an extremely high THC count. Instead, it’s a mix of CBD and phenotype. This strain hits you like an AK-47…with giggles. In fact, the strain gets the name from Amsterdam smokers falling off their chairs laughing.

That aside, this strain is easy to grow. Stake her, use basic topping and trimming, and you’ll get a good yield with little effort.

  • THC Levels: 17-20% (Medium)
  • Indica/Sativa: 65% Indica/35% Sativa
  • CBD: 1.5% (Medium)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 350-500g / 450g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 6-7 weeks / Early to mid-October
  • Plant size: 170cm / 67 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Oceanic/Coastal humid
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Afghani landraces (secret)
  • Effects: Relaxation, Creativity, Sleepiness, Decreased Anxiety
  • Flavors/Aroma: Citrus, Sugar, Pine Wood, Skunky, Spicy

10. OG Kush

OG Kush is popular, easy, and ideal for beginning growers. She also finishes in Early October – making her perfect for most parts of Maine. On the other hand, OG Kush can be a little sensitive to rainy weather in July and August. Keep her under cover once she starts to bud.

If you don’t, OG Kush is prone to powder mildew. You might also see top rot.

Otherwise, OG Kush is easy enough. Keep her outside in the sun as much as possible. You’ll also want to feed, especially as she starts to bud. And, good pruning techniques can greatly increase yield. You’ll want to use light trimming to keep the big top leaves down once budding starts.

Normally, OG Kush is ready to chop in early October. If you expect frost sooner, plant her in a pot and take her inside.

  • THC Levels: 17-24% (High)
  • Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica/25% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: Less than 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 450-500 or up to 450 per plant
  • Flowering Time (Weeks): 8 or early October without light restriction
  • Plant Size: 180-230cm / 70-86 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Sunny and temperate
  • Grow Difficulty: Medium
  • Genetics: Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, Mystery Strain
  • Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting
  • Flavors/Aroma: Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Woody, Spicy

11. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a grower’s favorite and has been for decades. Not only is she easy to grow, she delivers incredibly smooth highs.

Northern Lights is also great for Maine’s climate. For example, good disease and mildew resistance make her great for warm, wet summers. This strain will go through veg perfectly in July and then start to flower in August and September, for a perfect early October harvest. If you have to speed that up, use light restriction and chop at 7 weeks.

Northern Lights is also relatively high yield. Growers report 600+ grams per plant, even in less than ideal conditions. When you combine that with her easygoing nature and sticky, high-CBD buds, this strain definitely deserves its reputation.

  • THC Levels: 20-23%
  • Indica/Sativa: 90-95%Indica/5-10% Sativa (depending on breeder)
  • CBD Levels: Up to 10% (high)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 450-600g/ 600g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks: Mid October
  • Plant Size: 180-220cm / 70-87 inches
  • Optimal Climate: Temperate coastal
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • Genetics: Afghani x Thai landrace
  • Effects: Relaxation, Sedation, Pain Relief, Body Buzz
  • Flavors/Aroma: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Sweet

12. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

When in doubt, an autoflower like Gorilla Glue is always the perfect strain for Mainers. Autoflowering means you can start early instead of waiting till light starts to wane. That means you can get your plants outside in May and harvest in August or September, without ever risking frost.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower is also a great choice in autoflowers. Why? It stays small but still delivers a high yield. In fact, depending on conditions, you can get 70-350 grams per plant. What makes the difference? Genetics, sun, and good nutrition.

For the best results, mostly leave her alone. Gorilla Glue Auto goes from veg to chop in just 8 weeks so you don’t have time to mess around with training. Do try to keep the big top leaves down though.

Once she’s ready, Gorilla Glue delivers massive center colas supplemented with smaller bud on side branches. It’s sticky, high THC, and full of pine and herbal notes.

  • THC Levels: 26% (high)
  • Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica/50% Sativa
  • CBD Levels: 1% (Low)
  • Outdoor Yield: (Grams per square meter) 240-500g / 70-340g per plant
  • Flowering Time: 8 weeks
  • Plant Size: 100cm / 39 inches
  • Optimal climate: Warm & humid
  • Grow difficulty: Medium
  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Cannabis ruderalis
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Energetic
  • Flavors/Aroma: Pine, Diesel, Earth, Herbal, Fruit

Maine Climate for Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis in Maine can be challenging thanks to the short growing season. On the other hand, the growing season Maine does get is normally perfect for cannabis. In fact, your largest concerns should be picking a strain that flowers early enough. Alternatively, you can choose an autoflower.

Additionally, Maine has some microclimates. This means coastal regions are likely to be warmer. At the same time, they’ll likely get cold faster. Additionally, you get light differences across the state. Your best option is to research local microclimates before choosing a strain.

Maine’s climate is wet and cold. However, you get a great growing season from the end of May to the end of September. Choosing a quick-flowering strain allows you to make the most of that for a great cannabis harvest.

Marijuana Growing Laws in Maine

Maine legalized growing marijuana for personal use in 2016. Today, every Maine resident of one year or more can have:

  • Up to 3 mature plants
  • Up to 12 immature plants
  • Any number of seedlings

Additionally, you’ll have to follow regulations. For example:

  • Cannabis cannot be visible to the public without the use of sight aids
  • Plants must be tagged with your legal name and driver’s license number or other state identification number. If an officer inspects your plants and they are not properly tagged, they will be confiscated.
  • If you are renting land, you must have your landlords written permission to grow. This includes having the landlords name and contact details written on the plant label. Failure to do so results in seizure of the plants.
  • You may not possess more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana at any one time

Fines for violations scale based on offenses, age, and the nature of the offense. In most cases, you’re looking at a minimum of $350 and a maximum of $2000.

You can learn more on the Maine official website.


Maine is a great place to grow weed, if you know what to look for. In fact, with the state’s short summers but hot, humid summers, there are plenty of great grows for the region. The best strains to grow in Maine flower fast and harvest early. Many local growers prefer autoflower. And, with plenty of high-yield modern Autoflowers on the market, that may be a great choice for you. Hopefully you can use our research to choose a great strain for your local climate.

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