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Top 34 Best Purple Weed Strains: 2022 Comparison

Purple marijuana has achieved a near-mythological status over the years. From the Grand Daddy Purple to Purple Haze and newcomers like Purple Afghani, it’s also easy to see why. These beautiful buds look and smell as good as they taste. And, the Anthocyanins or flavonoids that make cannabis purple are the same flavonoids that turn blueberries purple.

Essentially, there’s nothing differentiating purple cannabis from plain, green Mary Jane,  but millions of people around the world have a marked preference for the colorful strains. While part of that is aesthetic, another part is that many of these strains are excellent in their own right and competitors with some of the best cannabis in the world.  

If you’re looking to grow, purple cannabis can be rewarding and just a bit more beautiful than a standard bush. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that not all cannabis strains are the same. Many are bred for specific conditions, such as climate, weather, or grow lights. You’ll have to consider those factors as well as what effects and output you want when choosing your seeds.

The following include the 34 best purple cannabis strains on the market. We’ll cover each of them and why you may or may not want each purple bud for your home garden.  

 The table below gives a quick comparison of the best purple weed strains:

Purple Strain   THC % Indica/Sativa  Yield per Square Meter   Flowering Time (weeks)   Photoperiod/Autoflower  
Purple Kush   22-25%  Indica   400-550g  7-8  Photoperiod  


Purple Haze  16-20%   Sativa dominant   450-500g   8-9   Photoperiod  
Grand Daddy Purple   23%   Indica   450-900g   8  Photoperiod  
Purple Power  23%  Sativa dominant   400-600g   8-10   Photoperiod  
Purple Widow   19-22%   Indica dominant   400-850g   8-10  Photoperiod  
Purple Urkle   15-18%   Indica   340-450g   7-9   Photoperiod  
Purple Afghani   15-18%   Indica dominant   300-800g   4-6 weeks   Photoperiod  
Ayahuasca Purple   21%  Indica   650g   7-8 weeks   Photoperiod  
Purple Haze X Malawi  15-20%   Sativa   500-800g   14-16   Photoperiod  
Purple Pineberry   19-22%  Indica dominant   400-500g   8-10   Photoperiod  
Purple Trainwreck   15-17%  Indica/Sativa   500-2400g  7-9   Photoperiod  
Purple #1   11-12%   Indica/Sativa  250-350g     Photoperiod  
Alaskan Purple   15-20%   Indica dominant   550-1700g     Photoperiod  
Purple Bud   18%   Sativa dominant   450-600g   9 weeks   Photoperiod  
Purple Queen   22%  Indica dominant   450-500g  7-8 weeks   Photoperiod  
Blueberry   16%  Indica dominant   450-550g   7-9 weeks   Photoperiod  
Critical Purple Kush   20%   Indica dominant   400-600g   9-10 weeks   Photoperiod  
Purple Mazar   19%   Indica dominant   400-500g   6-7 weeks   Photoperiod  
LSD   24%   Indica dominant   500-600g   7-8 weeks   Photoperiod  
Purple Mexican   20%   Indica/Sativa   400-450g   9-10 weeks   Photoperiod  
Shaman   12-18%   Sativa dominant   500-800g   7-8 weeks   Photoperiod  
Pakistan Chitral Kush   12%  Indica   400-500g  7-8 weeks   Photoperiod  
Purple Paro Valley   9-11%  Sativa dominant   100g   10-14 weeks   Photoperiod  
Rare Darkness   16-26%   Indica dominant   400g   8-10 weeks  Photoperiod  
Gelato   20%   Indica dominant   650g   8-10 weeks   Photoperiod  
LSD-25 Auto   21-23%   Indica dominant   500g  8-9 weeks   Autoflower  
Red Poison Auto   16%   Indica dominant   400-550g  4-6 weeks   Autoflower  
C4-Matic Auto   24%  Sativa dominant   500-650g   9 weeks   Autoflower  
Black Cream Auto   16-20%   Indica dominant   350-550g   8-9 weeks   Autoflower 
Purple Auto   15%  Indica dominant   400-500g  8 weeks   Autoflower  
Devil Cream Auto   16-21%  Indica dominant   300-600g   4-6 weeks   Autoflower  
Purple Bud Auto   16-18%   Indica dominant   350-500g  7-8 weeks   Autoflower  
Dark Devil Auto   16-20%   Indica dominant   400-600g  6-7 weeks   Autoflower  
Blackberry Kush Auto   16%  Indica dominant   300-400g   7-8 weeks   Autoflower  

 Below we have profiled each purple strain for characteristics, cultivation time, origins and more. Note that strains are not ranked in any particular order. However, we do start with photoperiod purple strains before moving into autoflowering purple variants. 

1. Purple Kush  

Purple Kush has been one of the most popular purple cannabis strains since the 90s. The strain, which was likely bred in California, from a mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The result, a short bushy plant with close internodes, and big, beautiful buds with orange and white hairs.

At 100% Indica, plus direct Afghani heritage, it’s one of the purest purple strains.Plus, with flowers in just 7-8 weeks and a 3-week flowering period, you can take Purple Kush from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks with optimal conditions. Purple Kush is mold resistant and ideal for damp climates.

However, it does want trimming, a considerable amount of light, and probably isn’t the best choice for beginners. On the other hand, if you’re ready to invest a bit more time into your plants, Purple Kush delivers an intense, euphoric high, strong yield, and incredibly dark purple bud.  And, with up to 25% THC, it’s the strongest purple strain you can grow. 

  • 100% Indica  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low) 
  • 22-25% THC (High)  
  • Medium growing difficulty  
  • High resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • 400-550g per square meter  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Euphoria 
  • Smell & Taste: Earthy, Sweet, Pungent, Berry  

2. Purple Haze  

This is the classic purple of purples, the OG in the truest sense of the word. Purple Haze is believed to descend from Haze and Purple Thai, resulting in a sweet, earthy bud that’s been popular for decades. And, while Purple Haze originated in the 70s from Colombia, its origins are otherwise largely unknown.

Purple Haze is also one of the few purple weed strains to be featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, in relation to the artist who supposedly gave it its name, Jimi Hendrix.

For growers, Purple Haze is more than just a legendary plant. It’s big, it’s beautiful and purple, and it’s easy to grow indoors and out, in nearly every climate. Outdoor plants average 3.5 feet and can produce up to 500g per square meter.

  • 70% Sativa/30% Indica 
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 16-20% THC (High) 
  • Medium grow difficult   
  • Medium resistance to disease / Medium resistance to weather 
  • 450-500 g per square meter 
  • Typical Effects: Creative, Uplifting, Energetic, Intense  
  • Smell & Taste: Tropical, Fresh, Sweet 

3. Grand Daddy Purple  

Grand Daddy Purple is one of the best high-yield purple strains for beginners. At the same time, it’s a classic, and a big favorite of growers the world over. In fact, Grand Daddy Purple is as easy to grow as it is resistant to mold and disease.

That, plus good temperature resistance mean you can grow this purple strain almost anywhere. With one caveat, which is that you’ll get a much higher yield if you can keep humidity over 50%.

Grand Daddy Purple is a pure purple Indica strain, bred from Purple Urkle and Big Bud by Ken Esters in San Francisco. Today, you can buy it in coffee shops around the world, showing this distinctive purple is more than just pretty. But, with beautiful purple bud featuring red, resin-covered hairs, the bud is distinctive and beautiful.  

  • 100% Indica  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • Up to 23% THC (high)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather  
  • 450-900g per square meter 
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, calming, body buzz  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, Fruity, Grape, Sweet  

4. Purple Power  

Purple Power is a hybrid, but its origins are a mystery. Most agree it contains a mix of Skunk and Haze, with Dutch Skunk, Thai Haze, Dutch Dope, and Skunk #1 all contested. Whatever the lineage, Purple Power is every bit as much of a powerhouse as the name would suggest.

Big purple buds are covered with rich yellow hairs, and it packs a punch of up to 23% THC. While this Sativa-dominant strain will flower in just 8-10 weeks, it can also reach heights in excess of 7 feet. However, it’s one of the best purple strains for growing outdoors, even in cool and wet summers. Indoors, use top pruning to keep it short and bushy and be prepared for extra work.  

  • Sativa dominant (exact parentage unknown)  
  • Less than 1% CBD (low) 
  • Up to 23% THC (high)  
  • Easy to grow outdoors / Medium difficulty indoors 
  • High resistance to disease / Medium resistance to weather  
  • 400-600g per square meter 
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, relaxation, trippy, energetic, happy,  
  • Smell & Taste: Sweet, fruity, blueberry, grapes,  

5. Purple Widow  

Purple Widow is a hybrid strain of Purple Power and White Widow. The result, a short, beautiful plant with big purple buds, a short flowering period, and strong outdoor growth. In fact, Purple Widow isn’t recommended for indoors.

The strain, which was bred in Amsterdam, grows 6 feet and higher, with some growers reporting up to 10. At the same time, it remains bushy. The beautiful, lilac buds darken further when exposed to cold. That makes it a top choice for growing in most parts of the U.S., although it’s still more popular in Europe. It’s also one of the most trichome heavy of the purple strains, making it ideal for hash and edibles. 

  • 55% Indica/ 45% Sativa 
  • Less than 1% CBD  
  • 19-22% THC (Higher THC content indoors but lower plant yield)  
  • Easy to grow outdoors / Hard to grow indoors 
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather  
  • 400-850g per square meter 
  • Typical Effects: Focus, Relaxation, Creativity, Energy,  
  • Smell & Taste: Berries, licorice, sweet  

6. Purple Urkle  

Purple Urkle is a classic strain dating back to the 1980s but remains a classic today. The beautiful indigo bud is more difficult to grow than some but remains a favorite of many experienced growers. That relates to the high and Purple Urkle’s consistently high-quality buds and highs, but this strain has remained popular for 4 decades.

While not the best choice for a beginning grower, Purple Urkle is a stunning example of a purple bud strain and the color only gets deeper if you wait till autumn harvest. Its rich purple leaves, white trichomes (sometimes wrongly called white flowers), and brilliant green bud are a sight to see.

Purple Urkle’s moderate THC content (15-18%) makes it popular with medical users. However, it delivers an intense, full-bodied high earning it a reputation as a “two hit and quit”.  

  • Indica  
  • Less than 1% (low)  
  • 15-18% THC (medium)  
  • Moderately difficult to grow 
  • Moderate resistance to disease, moderate resistance to weather  
  • 350-450 g per square meter 
  • Typical Effects: Body buzz, couch lock, calming, sleep  
  • Smell & Taste: Berries, grape soda, tropical fruits  

7. Purple Afghani  

Purple Afghani or Purple Afghani Kush is one of the top purple strains for fast yield. The Purple Kush X Pre’98 Bubba Kush hybrid is Indica dominant, with Indica-style dense, resinous buds.

Growers also love the deep purple and Indica hues that set in during flowering. But, with just 4-6 weeks of flowering needed, you can take this plant from seed to harvest in just 2 months if necessary. That aside, waiting longer and allowing the flowering phase to run longer can greatly increase your harvest, and the total amount of purple.

On top of that, Purple Afghani boasts a great, fruity flavor similar to pineapple Kush and a couch-locking high that’s popular for pain-relief and insomnia treatment.  

  • 80% Indica/20% Sativa 
  •  Less than 1% (Low)  
  • 15-18% THC (Medium)  
  • 300-800g per square meter 
  • Moderately difficult to grow 
  • High resistance to disease, moderate resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Calming, pain relief, anti-anxiety, creativity, happy  
  • Smell & Taste: Pineapple, berry, grape, herbal, skunk, spicy, sweet, woody 

8. Ayahuasca Purple  

Ayahuasca Purple is a unique 100% Indica bred in Amsterdam by Barney’s Farm. The strain mixes Red River Delta with Master Kush, creating an intense high.

The purple strain is ideal for growing indoors. In fact, it won’t likely do well outdoors unless you live in a very sunny and warm state.  The bud features beautiful, dark red colors with yellow-to-white trichomes. It’s also extremely popular for its short flowering time (just 50 days), relatively short growth (up to 5 feet) and dense bud growth. In fact, this exotic purple strain isn’t recommended for beginners because you’ll have to trim and support the branches at the end of flowering.

Otherwise, the dense, resin-laden buds get so heavy the branches snap. That, plus high THC yield, a rich, fruity flavor, and a full-bodied relaxing high make this purple a strong candidate for a new classic.  

  • 100% Indica  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 21% CBD (High) 
  • 650g per square meter 
  • Difficult to grow  
  • Moderate resistance to disease, low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Calming, relaxation, psychedelic 
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, hazelnut, papaya  

9. Purple Haze X Malawi  

Purple Haze X Malawi is one of the few 100% purple Sativa strains. While that pays off in terms of heady, sativa highs with long-lasting effects it also has downsides. For example, X Malawi takes as long as 16 weeks to flower.

In a northern climate, it won’t flower outdoors until November. Therefore, we recommend this purple strain for indoor growth unless you’re in California or a similar climate. That aside, the strain brings the beautiful purple bud of Purple Haze to the high yield and potency of the African Malawi. The result, big buds, 500-800g per square meter yields, and a potent high.

At the same time, this is not a good strain for beginners. Growers need to take extra care with trimming, feeding, and light to ensure good growth.  

  • 100% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 15-20% THC (Medium)  
  • 500-800g per square meter 
  • Difficult to grow  
  • Moderate resistance to disease, moderate resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Calming, sleep, psychedelic, long-lasting  
  • Smell & Taste: Red wine, blackberry, licorice, incense, wood, citrus, spicy  

10. Purple Pineberry  

Purple Pineberry is a rare but prized purple strain. The plant features orange trichomes, deep purple leaves, and massive, piney buds. Beginning growers prize the plant for its ease of growth, incredible hardiness across most growing conditions, and fast growth.

It’s also very cold-resistant and will take on deep violet and indigo hues when temperatures start to drop. That’s why this is one of the best purple weed strains for growing outdoors. It’s quite simply considered one of the hardiest of any color strains. At the same time, experienced growers love Purple Pineberry for its flavor, deep high, and mood-elevating effects.  

  • 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa 
  • 1-1.5% CBD (Medium)  
  • 19-22% THC (high) 
  • 400-500g per square meter 
  • Very easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather (considered one of the most hardy strains available)  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, body buzz, euphoria, laughter, energy  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, pine, fruit  

11. Purple Trainwreck  

Purple Trainwreck is a hybrid of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck. The purple strain lives up to its name, with a hard, trippy high powered by up to 17% THC with almost no CBD content.

Purple Trainwreck is also one of the highest yield purple strains. In fact, some outdoor growers report plants of up to 9 feet, with yields over 2.4 kg per plant. The plant, which flowers in just 58-63 days, excels in indoor environments.

However, you don’t want to try outdoors unless you live in a warm, dry climate. If you do, moving your Purple Trainwreck outside will result in bigger plants with more yield. That, plus as temperatures start to get cooler, the plant turns vivid violet.  

  • 50% Indica/ 50% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 15-17% THC 
  • 500-2400g per square meter  
  • Moderately difficult to grow (Requires heavy fertilization)  
  • Moderate disease resistance, low weather resistance  
  • Typical Effects: focus, energy, uplifting, psychedelic  
  • Smell & Taste: Lemon, pine, lavender  

12. Purple #1  

Purple #1 was bred in Holland through an Indica Sativa program using Purple Afghan. Today, the bud is one of the most popular purple strains available. And, with rich purple flowers, an early finish, and hardiness that’s difficult to beat, it’s easy to see why.

Purple #1 flowers in just 8 weeks, but normally finishes by early September. That makes sense, considering the strain was bred in the Netherlands, to thrive in a climate similar to that of the East Coast in the U.S. Purple #1 sports rich purple buds with a reddish hue, dark sticky trichomes, and delivers a pleasant, fast-acting high.

While not well-liked for the taste, Purple #1 is one of the most popular purple strains for other reasons.  

  • 50% Indica/ 50% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 11-12% THC (Low)  
  • 250-350g per square meter 
  • Easy to grow  
  • High disease resistance, high weather resistance 
  • Typical Effects: Calming, well-being, pleasure, relaxation  
  • Smell & Taste: Fruity, bitter, spicy  

13. Alaskan Purple  

Alaskan Purple is a fast-growing hybrid purple strain. The plant is popular for its dark purple leaves, yellow flowers, and therapeutic highs. Alaskan Purple is also hard, excelling in indoor and outdoor grow setups.

While not incredibly cold-tolerant, it is remarkably so, and colder weather will only increase the purple at maturity. Alaskan Purple is a great favorite outdoors, with heights reaching over 10 feet and yields of up to 1.7 kg in the northern hemisphere.

Flowering times average 9 weeks. The strain comes from a heady mix of Purple Alaskan, Kush, and Brazilian Sativa, yet remains heavily Indica dominant. Indoors, you can expect 550g per square meter.  

  • Indica dominant  
  • Less than 1%  
  • 15-20% THC  
  • 550-1700 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High disease resistance, high weather resistance  
  • Typical Effects: body high, body buzz, relaxing, strong, long lasting  
  • Taste & Smell: Berry, flowery, fruity, sweet  

14. Purple Bud  

Purple Bud is a unique purple strain that’s not always purple. In fact, depending on growth, country of origin, and climate, Purple Bud can range from gold to pure black.

In most cases, you can expect yellow center flowers, yellow trichomes, and dark bud. Leaves turn dark purple when exposed to cold and as maturing, similarly to its sister strains, Purple Oregon Sativa and The Purps.

Purple Bud makes a good beginner plant, normally flowers in 9 weeks, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. That aside, it’s better suited to indoor growth if you get early winters, as you’ll normally have to wait till the first half of October to harvest.  

  • Sativa dominant  
  • Less than 1% CBD (low) 
  • 18% THC (medium)  
  • 450-600g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High disease resistance, moderate weather resistance 
  • Typical Effects: Happiness, euphoria, relaxation, sleepiness  
  • Taste & Smell: Sandalwood, pine, sweet  

15. Purple Queen  

Purple Queen is a hybrid of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The result, a strong high with as much as 22% THC. Like many other Indica-heavy strains, Purple Queen does better outside.

You can expect up to four foot of plant indoors, with yields averaging 450-500g. Outdoors, she shoots up to 7 feet and easily doubles that yield. But with stellar results either way, this strain is one of the best purples for indoor/outdoor growth.

Purple Queen delivers a beautiful purple leaf with dark green bud, making for a beautiful contrast. Most growers see 7-8 weeks of flowering but you won’t see extreme purpling outdoors until temperatures start to drop in early October.  

  • 75% Indica/25% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (low)   
  • Up to 22% THC (high) 
  • 450-500 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow (fertilize well)  
  • High disease tolerance, high weather resistance  
  • Typical Effects:  body buzz, relaxation, sleepiness, powerful  
  • Smell & Taste: Citrus, diesel, Kush, pine  

16. Blueberry  

Blueberry is a purple strain most loved for its taste and aroma. Yet, users stick with it for long-lasting, euphoric highs that stick around long after the intense berry-flavor is gone.

Blueberry delivers beautiful, large blue-purple buds. Its lilac trichomes are one of the most intensely colored around. But it’s the flavor and the high that have won this strain multiple cannabis cups. Blueberry originates from three landrace strains, including Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, and Purple Thai Sativa.

Today’s seeds have a bit more mix in them, as the line has been perfected over the years. Blueberry marijuana plants thrive outdoors in sunny climates. Otherwise, you’ll want to opt for indoors, where grow lights ensure you’ll get a high yield. Plus, with short, heavily compacted plants that grow horizontally rather than up, they’re a great choice for indoors.  

  • 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • Up to 16% THC (low)  
  • 450-550 g per square meter  
  • Moderate growing difficulty  
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, happiness, relaxation, sleepiness  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, earthy, fruity, pine, sweet  

17. Critical Purple Kush  

With 20% THC, the Critical Purple Kush is perhaps the most potent of the purple strains. The purple features a parentage of Peyote Purple, Blueberry, and Critical.

While often confused with Critical Purple, a heavy-hitting purple strain with up to 25% THC, Critical Purple is much more mild. You can expect a 15-20% THC yield with 400-600g per square meter of yield.

While Critical Purple Kush can deliver a beautiful purple bud when left in the cold, it’s better known for gold leaves, white trichomes, and sticky resin. Buds are light green and turn lavender as they mature. While Critical Purple Kush is relatively hardy, it’s not recommended for flowering because it’s fragile and will require trimming and support to prevent the heavy buds from snapping branches.  

  • 90% Indica / 10% Sativa 
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 15-20% THC (Medium)  
  • 400-600 g per square meter  
  • Moderate growing difficulty  
  • High resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, body buzz, creativity  
  • Smell & Taste: Pineapple, lemon, skunk,  

18. Purple Mazar  

Purple Mazar is a variety of Purple Afghani, originally bred for high resin production for hash. The result, an Indica/Sativa hybrid, with an exceptionally fast growth period. Most plants go from germination to harvest in just 70 days.

Yield is, however, unusually low, at just 80g per square meter. That aside, the plant produces a significant amount of resin and trim can be used to extract resin for hash or create edibles. Plus, with an up to 19% THC content, this delicate purple plant is a sight to see in maturity.

Purple Mazar is a best-fit for indoor growers. It’s not a good fit if you primarily want to smoke, but it does offer an extremely high resin output for hash and extracts.  

  • 85% Indica/15% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (low)  
  • 19% THC (Medium)  
  • 400-450 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: body buzz, relaxing, sleepiness, vivid dreams,  
  • Smell & Taste: Fruity, sweet  

19. LSD  

LSD is a potent hybrid strain bred from Skunk #1 and Mazar Sharif. The strain grows bright green with yellow trichomes, only turning purple when exposed to falling temperatures. Then, leaves and bud light up in dark purple. While it doesn’t affect the taste, outdoor growers love the effect.

Otherwise, LSD is popular for its heavy-hitting highs, aroma, and easy growth. The strain blooms quickly and offers a fast harvest in as little as 3 months from seed to chop. But, it also delivers high yields, with 600g per square meters expected indoors. Plus, with THC up to 24%, it’s one of the strongest purple strains. 

However, you do have to keep this strain covered. LSD’s big buds are susceptible to mold. If you keep her dry, she’ll grow short, branching plants with little else to worry about.  

  • 55% Indica/ 45% Sativa  
  • Up to 2.5% CBD (High)  
  • Up to 24% THC (High)  
  • 500-600g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical effects: Euphoria, happy, relaxation  
  • Smell & Taste: Citrus, Earthy, Sweet  

20. Purple Mexican  

Purple Mexican is a cross between Pakistani Chitral Kush and an Oaxacan landrace. The result, a beautiful light green, almost minty bud with golden trichomes that matures into a deep violet when exposed to the cold.

These big, loosely packed buds grow surrounded by clusters of smaller buds. Growers with warm, sunny climates can move outdoors for a higher yield. Otherwise, you should expect to keep this purple strain indoors, where it does best.

Purple Mexican also prefers high humidity and lots of light. When given those conditions, it’s one of the best indoor plants for high THC and fast flowering. In fact, you can likely grow the full plant from veg to chop in just 3 months, for a 400-450g per square meter yield.  

  • 50% Indica/ 50% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low) 
  • Up to 20% THC (Medium)  
  • 400-450 g per square meter  
  • Medium difficulty to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, Low resistance to weather 
  • Typical effects: long lasting, relaxation, uplifting  
  • Smell & Taste: Honey, lemon, spices, incense  

21. Shaman  

Shaman is a stunning purple bud and trichome with high contrast green leaves. But, while the first thing you’ll notice about this plant will definitely be the looks, Shaman delivers hardiness, a smooth high, and 12-18% THC.

The plant also boasts exceptional resistance to mold and bud rot, making it the best purple strain to grow outdoors in any damp climate. It was bred by Dutch Passion in Amsterdam, to withstand cold northern European summers. Today, it’s extremely popular for its hardiness as well as its Purple #1 and Skunk traits. The plant is incredibly reliable as an outdoor grower.

First-time growers might be surprised to find only about 50% of plants turn purple during maturation. The rest gradually purple as temperatures begin to drop, if you’ve chosen a photoperiod rather than an autoflower variant. Additionally, it smells a great deal, so if neighbors are concerning, pick a different strain.  

  • 75% Sativa/ 25% Indica  
  • Less than 1% CBD (low)  
  • 12-18% THC (Medium)  
  • 500-800 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather  
  • Typical effects: uplifting, relaxation, body buzz 
  • Smell & Taste: berries, sweet  

22. Pakistan Chitral Kush  

Pakistani Chitral Kush is widely known as one of the best hash plants in the world. The plant is readily available with both green and purple phenotypes.

However, while the green is often chosen for potency and higher THC content, the purple strain is one of the best for a rich, fruity hash. Like other hash-producing plants, this pure-bred Indica doesn’t have a high bud output. However, it does produce a significant amount of resin ideal for hash and extraction alike.

It’s also highly fungus-resistant, making it a popular choice for hybridization and breeding programs. Growers can plant indoors or outdoors, with little concern about cover. However, you should ensure the summer is warm enough as Pakistani Chitral prefers temperatures of 75+.  

  • 100% Indica 
  • 2% (Medium to High) 
  • 12% THC (low)  
  • Easy to grow  
  • 400-500g per square meter  
  • High resistance to disease, moderate resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Sleepiness, Creativity  
  • Smell & Taste: Berries, sweet, peach, earth, hash 

23. Purple Paro Valley  

Purple Paro Valley is one of the few purple strains bred for purely northern climates. The strain comes from a landrace in Paro Valley, West Bhutan at an altitude of 2,500 meters.

That means it’s well adapted to shorter days, less sunlight, and damp winters. This makes Purple Paro Valley a top choice if you want a purple strain in much of the mountainous regions of the U.S.

It’s also one of the best strains for growing in wet and humid environments, thanks to a high resistance to mold and mildew. That aside, experienced growers still pick this plant for its extreme sugary resin, which sometimes tests up to 27.5%.  

  • 75% Sativa/25% Indica  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 8.7-11% THC, resin up to 27.5% (Low bud, high resin)  
  • Very easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, high resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, calming, couch lock, sedation, anti-anxiety  
  • Smell & Taste: candy, sweet, lavender, hazelnut, black tea  

24. Rare Darkness  

Rare Darkness is one of the darkest purple strains on the market and one of the most unique. The dark black leaves and orange to yellow flowers shine with sticky sugary resin and milky white trichomes. The plant, which is a hybrid of Rare Dankness #1 and Grape Ape, has an average yield of 350-400g per square meter.

It also offers a thick, heavy high prized by the medical use and recreational community alike. Rare Darkness itself is best-suited to experienced growers, as it likes humid, warm, and bright light.

You can grow it outdoors, and you’ll have to if you want to see the dark purple in its full glory, as leaves and buds often don’t turn until it starts to get cold. Plus, with THC content ranging from 16-26%, Rare Darkness can be an incredibly heavy hitter.  

  • 85% Indica/15% Sativa  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low) 
  • 16-26% THC (Medium to Very High)  
  • 400g per square meter  
  • Medium difficulty to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Sleepiness, Sleep, Calm, Long Lasting  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, skunk, earth, pepper, sugar  

25. Gelato 

Gelato is a light purple strain with a reputation for hitting hard and fast. The strain is popular for medical use with pain relief but also for quick, uplifting highs. Gelato mixes Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, and purples easily at the first hint of cooling weather.

Unfortunately for beginners, this popular strain is not easy to grow. It needs the right mix of light, humidity, and nutrition to thrive. Once you get it right, you’ll get a beautiful lilac bud that’s prized for high flavor, high effect, and good output. In fact, these compact, horizontal plants put off up to 650g per square meter with up to 20% THC. 

  • 45% Sativa/55% Indica 
  • Less than 1% CBD (low)  
  • Up to 20% THC (Medium)  
  • 650 g per square meter  
  • Difficult to grow  
  • Medium resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical effects: Euphoria, happy, relaxation, uplifting  
  • Smell & Taste: Citrus, Earth, Fruit, Sweet  

26. LSD-25 Auto  

LSD-25 auto is a top choice for experienced growers who are comfortable feeding or growing on hydroponics. The fast-growing purple strain delivers pungent, dark purple buds in just 8-9 weeks, with an output of up to 500g per square meter. LSD-25 prefers indoors, and with a height averaging at 4 feet, it’s well suited for it.

While LDS-25 stands out for its incredibly dark buds, the autoflowering purple strain is better known for 21-23% THC percentages and thick, sticky resinous buds. Like most other autoflowering strains, LSD-25 is not recommended for outdoors.  

  • Indica dominant  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 21-23% THC (high) 
  • 500g per square meter  
  • Moderately difficult to grow 
  • High resistance to disease/low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Euphoria, happiness, couch lock, creativity, psychedelic  
  • Smell & Taste: berries, earth, diesel, red wine, wood  

27. Red Poison Auto  

Red Poison Auto is a cross between Green Poison and autoflowering Purple. The result is a purple strain with Hindu Kush and Kush ancestry. Growers love the incredible dark violet hues, white trichomes, and sticky sugary resin. It’s also one of the fastest-growing purple strains available.

In fact, Red Poison Auto can go from seed to chop in just 2 months, with outputs as high as 550g per square meters indoors. That, and the sweet, fruity skunk aroma and flavor won Red Poison Auto multiple awards after it was developed in 2016.

Additionally, Red Poison Auto has a strong, sweet aroma during growth that’s not quite like many other weed smells. If you’re looking for a pretty, plant, the Red Poison Auto is definitely one of the prettiest of the purple cannabis.  

  • Indica-dominant/ Sativa/Cannabis Ruderalis 
  • Less than 1% CBD (low)  
  • 16% + THC (Medium)  
  • 400-550 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, euphoria, happiness, uplifting, talkative  
  • Smell & Taste: Berry, fruit, skunk, sugar 

28. C4-Matic Auto  

C4-Matic Auto is a fast-growing hybrid of White Widow, Skunk, Big Bud, and Cannabis Ruderalis. The purple strain moves from seed to bud in just 8 weeks, with outputs as high as 650g per square meter.

This makes the strain a fan favorite for high volume growers, but it’s popular for relaxing, long-lasting high’s as well. The plant delivers big, sticky buds that turn dark orange to purple as they mature.

C4-Matic is a prime purple strain for new growers who want to start out indoors – although outdoors is fine, as long as you’re fine with the yield being lower. At up to 3 feet, C4-Matic is also reasonably short to fit into small spaces at home, making it a good choice for many.  

  • 55% Sativa, 40% + Indica/ Cannabis Ruderalis  
  • 1.1% CBD (Medium)  
  • Up to 24% THC (High)  
  • 500-650 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Creativity, uplifting, pain relief  
  • Smell & Taste: Earth, lemon,  

29. Black Cream Auto  

Black Cream Auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid tracing its lineage to Cream Caramel and Pakistani Kush. The autoflowering purple strain produces incredibly dense, dark purple to black buds, most of which darken further when cured. If you want fast growing weed with purple hairs, Black Cream Auto is it.

Black Cream Auto is also a short plant, normally topping out at 3 feet. This, plus a higher indoor yield, make it ideal for greenhouses and tents. The end result is an incredibly sweet and fruity strain with Cream Caramel’s earthy tones, which goes from seed to chop in 8-10 weeks.  

  • Indica Dominant  
  • Less than 1% CBD (Low)  
  • 16-20% THC (Medium)  
  • 350-550 g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • High resistance to disease, low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, uplifting, tingles, happiness  
  • Smell & Taste: Earth, berries, sweet  

30. Auto Purple   

Auto Purple is a cross between Purple and cannabis ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering purple bud with the same characteristics as favorites like Purple #1 but with the fast flowering and sticky trichomes of a ruderalis.

Auto Purple flowers in just 8 weeks, making a fast, easy, purple with much of the flavor and high THC of Purple #1. Plus, with up to 550g per square meter indoors, yield is high. However, the plant does not top 3 feet. This makes it a compact, easy choice for growers with a smaller space. On the other hand, yield will naturally be lower because of the smaller plant.  

  • Indica Dominant, Cannabis Ruderalis  
  • 1.5% CBD (Medium)  
  • 15% THC (Low)  
  • 400-550 g per square meter 
  • Easy to grow  
  • Low resistance to disease, Low resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, calm, body high  
  • Smell & Taste: Berries, raisin, sugar 

31. Devil Cream Auto  

Devil Cream Auto is a harder-to-find strain made by crossing the popular Dark Devil Auto with Black Cream Auto. Like other autoflowering plants, Devil Cream achieves its autoflowering properties thanks to cannabis ruderalis genetics. It also boasts Cream Caramel, the legendary Pakistani Kush hybrid.

Devil Cream is an intensely hybridized plant, that likely works out to 90% Indica. Expect a short, bushy plant with short internodes, intensely purple bud and leaf. Devil Cream also produces exceptionally dense colas, with a heavy resin coating. Most importantly, it offers the same exceptional caramel flavors of its parentage, with lemon, sweet, and fruity notes that surprise even experienced smokers.  

  • 90-91% Indica, 7% Sativa, 3% Cannabis Ruderalis  
  • Low CBD  
  • Medium to High THC (Estimated 16-21%)  
  • 350-600g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow 
  • Medium resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical Effects: Relaxation, Strong, long lasting, body high  
  • Smell & Taste: Sugar, Lemon, Caramel, Fruit, Sugar, Incense, Complex  

32. Purple Bud Auto  

For anyone looking for a fast, easy purple strain with little need of maintenance, the Purple Bud auto is a top choice. Purple Bud auto crosses Purple Kush and Hindu Kush with a Jamaican hash strain and cannabis ruderalis.

The result, a dark purple plant that purples in the bud and calyxes no matter the weather. Purple Bud Auto goes from germination to harvest in just 10 weeks. And, most importantly for beginning growers, most of the harvest is on the upper branches. This means less stress trimming and pruning big top leaves, because the lower branches need less light anyway. Purple Bud Auto also does better outdoors than many other autoflower selections, making it a good first-crop for those wishing to get two seasons out of west coast weather.  

  • 75% Indica, 22% Sativa, 3% cannabis ruderalis  
  • Low CBD (Less than 1%)  
  • 16-18% THC (Medium)  
  • 350-500g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow  
  • Medium resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical effects: uplifting, body high, creativity, focus  
  • Smell & Taste: Pine, musk, sandalwood, sweet 

33. Dark Devil Auto  

Dark Devil is a popular, small busy plant ideal for indoor or outdoor growth. This autoflowering purple strain is one of the best for anyone looking for a strong purple strain with high resin production and quick yield.

In fact, with harvest within 9 weeks of germination and an output of up to 600g per square meter, Dark Devil is a high producer. However, it’s also award-winning for its frosty resin, sweet, citrus tones, and remarkably vigorous growth.

While it’s not quite the hardiest of the purple autoflowers, it certainly competes for the name. Dark Devil Auto also delivers a complicated flavor, a dense bud with THC up to 20%, and a beautiful red-to-purple leaf and bud. Dark Devil is often considered one of the darkest purple weed strains, although others definitely compete

  • Indica Dominant, Sativa, cannabis ruderalis  
  • Low CBD (less than 1%)  
  • 16-20% THC (Medium) 
  • 400-600g per square meter  
  • Easy to grow 
  • Medium resistance to disease, medium resistance to weather  
  • Typical Effects: Body high, uplifting, creativity, relaxation  
  • Taste & Smell: Fruit, sugar, Caramel, Lemon  

34. Blackberry Kush Auto  

Blackberry Kush Auto is Blackberry Kush, a combination of Blackberry and Afghani, crossed again with cannabis ruderalis. The result, an autoflowering plant with strong body high and beautiful purple and orange buds. The indica-dominant strain grows extremely small, normally not topping 3 feet. It also has a relatively low yield at 300-400g per square meter.

However, with flowering time of just 7-8 weeks, it can be ready to harvest from germination in 8-10 weeks. That’s impressively fast, especially for a plant renowned for its body highs, pain reduction, and calming effects.  

  • Indica dominant, sativa, cannabis ruderalis  
  • Low CBD (less than 1%)  
  • 16% THC (Low)  
  • 300-400g per square meter 
  • Easy to grow 
  • Low resistance to disease, low resistance to weather 
  • Typical effects: Body high, calming, relaxation, sleepiness, pain relief, uplifting  
  • Smell & Taste: Turpentine, Sweet, Berries, hash 

What is Purple Weed  

Purple weed is often-touted as a strong, highly psychedelic cannabis choice. However, that often relates more to the people who popularized it than to the weed itself. In actuality, there are few differences between purple weed and normal weed. Instead, purple weed largely descends from specific strains from the Hindu Kush mountains. These strains feature large amounts of Anthocyanins, a flavonoid. Purple strains show high amounts of this colorant, which normally become more pronounced as the plant matures or as it gets cold. Some strains have been bred so that they show dark purple throughout the year.  

Of course, many purple cannabis strains have a lot in common. For example, Hindu Kush tends to exhibit low CBD (less than 1%) and relatively mild THC quantities compared to modern strains. So, while many cannabis strains exhibit 20-25% THC these days, most purple strains average around 16-20%.  

Is Purple Marijuana Better?  

That depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a beautiful plant, purple marijuana strains are certainly it. On the other hand, if you want the highest THC, you probably want to look elsewhere. In most cases, the same holds true for CBD. Most purple strains actually have a low CBD percentage.  

On the other hand, purple marijuana encompasses some of the most popular strains in the world. From mellow, uplifting highs to extremely hardy plants, purple does it all. But, with so many hybrids, it’s impossible to say you won’t find those same characteristics in a green strain.  

Purple Weed Myths  

There are plenty of purple weed myths and you might even believe some of them. For example, we already discussed “high THC = very purple plant”. That’s completely wrong. Another myth is that purple has a berry or fruity taste. While it’s true that many purples are “berry”, many are not. That depends on the strain and the hybrid. Another, “purple cannabis plants don’t smell”, is also patently false. While purple strains tend to not stem from high-smell strains like skunk, they still smell spicy, strong, and distinctly of cannabis while growing.  

Some people also suggest that anthocyanins have an anti-inflammatory effect. They are an antioxidant. However, they’re unlikely to have any effect unless consumed… raw. You’d be much better off seeking out a high-CBD strain or an actual item of fruit if it’s antioxidants you’re after.  

Finally, not all purple strain plants are purple. Instead, purpling ranges from just 20% to weel over 90% of plants. The rest will be a normal shade of green.  

Purple Cannabis Strain Summary

Purple cannabis encompasses some of the most popular and, dare we say, best strains in the world. From Purple #1 to Gelato and Red Poison Auto, these strains are beautiful and a delight to see and smoke. Most also have very unique properties, tastes, and effects, allowing you to choose a purple that suits your personal preferences. This list of the best purple weed strains covers some of our favorites, but yours might be something else that gives a high you love, a strong grower in your climate, or a hybrid you bred yourself.


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